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7/25/2013 c19 103847
I can see why you boosted the rating up, but you've handled it in a very tactful and beautiful manner. I was wondering if we'd get a peek into Mary's memories about Matthew and how she was finally able to open up to him, and I can very well imagine that she might have been frightened on their wedding night, with the memory of Pamuk still hovering in the shadows. But knowing Matthew, he would have shown her that there is a difference between having sex and making love, and that it takes trust between a husband and a wife to fully enjoy that cherished moment.

Now on to the dark side of the chapter... that snake Roquefort. If I were in Mary's shoes, I would have smacked those yellow teeth clear out of his head. Mary thought it was a shame Charles wasn't there? Roquefort should have counted his blessings that Violet wasn't there - she would have given him a sound lashing, both with her tongue and her cane, if she'd heard the kind of threats he was making. I've got this funny picture in my head of Violet taking him over her knee and smacking his butt with her cane, yelling on every whack: "Do - " WHACK! "Not - " WHACK! "Threaten - " WHACK! "My - " WHACK! "Granddaughter - " WHACK! "You - " WHACK! "CRETIN!" WHACK! Please tell me you have a heaping helping of just desserts planned for him; he really needs a whupping or worse.

Can't wait for more! God bless, my friend!
7/25/2013 c19 PelirrojaBiu
Fantastic as always! But damn Mr. Roquefort! I knew he would be trouble.
On another note, I love Mary and Charles together. You write their feelings and emotions so well they become palpable.
7/25/2013 c19 4cowherderess
That loathsome Mr Roquefort! At first I thought he'd be just a temporary evil a la Larry Grey but he seems much worse. I hope he does not succeed in taking the horse from Charles, that would be so sad. I'm reminded of the Dowager Countess quote from s1: "We can't have him assassinated... I suppose." Ha.

And the beginning part with Mary remembering Matthew, that was so lovely and so sad. Poor darling. I think you've done really well with that storyline-her coming out of the depths of her sadness, finding someone new, but still desperately missing Matthew when she lets herself think of him... It's the storyline I'm most wary about for season 4, but at least if it all goes to pot in canon, we'll have your story to read instead! :)
7/22/2013 c18 Audrey C
I loved what you wrote for Charles' reply to the Duke's verbal attack. I loved seeing Charles so protective of Mary. And the very last exchange with Mary asking Charles not to hurt her and his heartfelt response was sublime! It just melted my heart. Thanks for all the responses you've been giving to reader reviews. Not every author goes the extra mile. I really appreciate it!
7/22/2013 c18 4ZoeyBridget
Finally I have a chance to comment...such a terrific chapter. I'm rooting for Charles very strongly! (And I can't help but hope he does have to "deal" with the dangerous duke.) I'm guessing Charles is glad this story is moving to an "M."
7/20/2013 c18 PelirrojaBiu
My God, the M-rating news gave me goosebums! Maybe there will be some water testing in Charles' lake? :D

Fantastic chapter, the dinner scene was fantastic. And not many other fanfic authors write Violet neraly as well as you do.
7/20/2013 c17 PelirrojaBiu
Two of my favourite music pieces are mentioned in this chapter, so it must be a good one, haha. Great writing as always.
7/20/2013 c18 48CountessCora
I love the style of this. It's like a novel. A beautiful read. God bless!
7/18/2013 c18 Jen
Another fantastic chapter! I adore your understanding of Mary's character and the way you portray her is great. I also think I'm a little bit in love with your Charles Blake... I'm really looking forward to updates and have no doubt that you will handle any content really well :)
7/18/2013 c18 Eviedee
I have never in all the fanfiction read a better storyline - this is really truly brilliant. THANK YOU.
7/19/2013 c18 7Lady-Finwe
WOW this is getting better and better. Granny was certainly funny about being forty years younger :)
Cant wait for ch 19 to see what happens next:)
7/17/2013 c17 Eviedee
This is the best story ever !

I love reading much about Mary and Matthew, but Charles Blake is simply superb. Your artistry with words supercedes you - brilliant interchange between Charles and Mary. Even better than M/M is that possible? This should be the "real" show and I really believe will more than win praise of audience. The storyline is so believable and I have very much enjoyed each chapter and admired how you have built the characters up.

You storytelling is truly an art and I cannot wait for the next instalment. Where have you been all this time - this is extremely superb!

Well done - can't wait!
7/18/2013 c18 4maricejayo
Oh dear God this story... god... I'm just... god...
7/18/2013 c18 GenuineRisk
Oh do go on... Can't wait to see how they embark on their adventure together!
7/18/2013 c18 103847
I nearly wept at the end of this chapter - Charles is so willing to protect Mary from harm, even if he inadvertently harms her himself. And Mary, God bless her! She's terrified of pursuing this relationship, yet happy that the fire has been lit. And speaking of, I love your description of her as a woman of fire, when many others indeed consider her an ice queen. I confess that when I first began watching Downton, I thought the same thing, but I've since grown to realize what a loving, passionate woman Mary is. And on that note - let's hear it for the Dowager Countess! I think Maggie Smith would be proud of the way you've characterized Violet in this chapter and delighted to perform the dialogue! And very nice touch on Violet's statement that she has a "passionate nature," for I've always suspected that myself. In Episode 6 of Season 3, Violet says to Robert, "People like us are never unhappily married," she's looking at her wedding ring and turning it around on her finger, which is a beautiful hint that she and her husband had a happy, passionate marriage (and definitely jingles with what you've written here).

I have to say I feel like a doofus - I read the duke's comment about Turkey without a clue what he was talking about, and only when I got to Mary and Charles' conversation at the end did I realize that he was dropping hints about Kemal Pamuk. I always thought that Richard Carlisle would be back to bring scandal on Mary, but will it be the duke and that rat Roquefort? Only time will tell.

Keep going strong, hon! God bless!
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