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for In the Company of Strangers

5/2/2013 c8 48CountessCora
Very good chapter! Love your characterization. And the plot. And the writing. God bless!
5/1/2013 c7 7Eternally Romantic
This is absolutely amazing. I usually don't cry reading but this brought tears to my eyes. Just absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to read more.
4/28/2013 c7 8oiseaus
Oh my god, this chapter was a masterpiece. I read it three times. Bravo times three.
I am completely in awe of your characterization of Mary and how convincingly you portray an OC. So well done. This is marvelous. Keep it up!
4/27/2013 c7 4viscountessmary
Brilliant as usual! Mary being such a fierce mother is just so nice to read and the way she thinks about George is beautiful. That bit with the suit had me in tears. Not to mention Charles talking about the lost of his wife and child... You have a wonderful way with words. I can't wait for chapter 8!
4/25/2013 c7 Guest
Love this chapter made me cry when she was remembering matthew! You are a really good write and can't wait to read more !
4/26/2013 c5 2TeamDowager
Aaaaaaah so good! Keep writing!
4/26/2013 c7 jmar
(an adequate home-remedy for earache is to put a few drops of oil in the hurting ear; the added pressure from the oil relieves the bulging of the eardrum which causes the pain. This doesn't treat the underlying infection, but does soothe the ache - I think Clarkson would have known that...)

Baby steps for Mary. I guess it's baby steps for all of the Crawleys: Isobel, Cora & certainly George! :-) Mary needs to have her hope restored, to believe that she can move forward, even if she were to remain unmarried; she cannot 'stunt' the growth & development of George by being half of a person (which she felt when Matthew hadn't yet seen his son in the hospital). Let's see where your baby steps take Mary next!
4/25/2013 c7 48CountessCora
Thank heavens it was only an ear infection!
4/25/2013 c6 CountessCora
Another great chapter.
4/25/2013 c4 CountessCora
The haircut sounds great to me!
4/25/2013 c3 CountessCora
Great chapter!
4/25/2013 c5 CountessCora
4/25/2013 c2 CountessCora
Awwww so sweet that she got a gift!
4/25/2013 c1 CountessCora
Great chapter.
4/25/2013 c7 103847
I was reading this with a lump in my throat the whole time. Mary's memories of Matthew warring with her attraction to Charles, and the inescapable fact that they've already bonded over mutual losses... it's heartbreaking and beautiful all at the same time. Your attention to detail is absolutely wonderful, by the way - I love how you mentioned that Mary looks stunning in purple; it reminds me of just how much she and Violet are alike. My favorite line in this chapter? Mary's remark about Cora being made of American steel. Cora is perhaps the strongest woman on the show, and I truly believe that it's because of her American resolve and fire. I'm looking forward to those "minor catastrophes" you have planned for the house party. Amazing as always!
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