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for What About Georgia?

4/17/2016 c18 maggiescousin
Please update as soon as possible !
12/8/2015 c7 2roza 246
10/19/2015 c18 Vinaa Belikova
Looking forward to the new story Cassandra :)
9/10/2015 c18 Miss Caitlin Belikova
A song you might be interested in using is Cheater, Cheater by Joey Rory. It made me think of Rose!
9/9/2015 c18 2VAvixin69
Yay! I'm headed to the new story now!
9/8/2015 c17 Do'B
Such a shame... but at the end of the day you must do what you need to do otherwise your heart will not be in it, you will lose your sense of direction as you already have and than will have writers block.

The changes sound interesting and I think having some back ground details on both Dimitri and Rose can quite well set the foundations for their "fall out" so to speak..

Though I do hope if your ideas allow, we also hear from Yeva. Yeva is such a mysterious character and though we do not read muych of her she is one of my favourtges
8/28/2015 c17 RoLo Lover
Ignore Guest from Aug. 27th. They are simply rude and if they want a story to go exactly how they want then they should write their own damn fanfic. This story is really great, I for one appreciate the slow build up because it is more realistic. Please update soon with your changes. Can't wait to read them!
8/27/2015 c12 2Puppylover4442
Well Sonyas baby is already named Katya
8/27/2015 c17 jacquieb0890
Im excited to know you are going to continue the story its so good
8/26/2015 c17 2VAvixin69
As long as u update soon all will be forgiven! I love this story and am just glad you aren't giving up on it!
8/26/2015 c17 Guest
Your story is dragging and there really is no point to it. Dimitri is with Tasha, he has no remorse for leaving Rose and breaking her heart. so why should the readers continue to read such a cold and heartless story. Its not a Dimitri and Rose story, its a selfish Dimitri and Tasha story.
8/24/2015 c16 Vampswols4L
Connor her baby?!
7/20/2015 c16 Vinaa Belikova
I have some wacky theory on who Connor is but i think i'm wrong, was rose pregnant or something that's why her parents kicked her out maybe? Conner could be her baby. which could be why she dreamt Dimitri to hate her... i don't know...
Great story though, keep going. WE READERs Need more UPDATES
thank you
6/7/2015 c16 Guest
Update soon .

I'm getting a vibe that Connor was her baby or something?
6/5/2015 c16 VAvixin69
Wow! So amazing! Even though I'm crying it's so good! I need them to hurry up and realize that 1 they are still in love with each other like Vika said and 2 tasha sabotaged Dimitri and roses relationship. Please update again ASAP! I need more!
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