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for What About Georgia?

6/24/2014 c13 Guest
I must say you are doing a great job with this story! I hope mason makes it. :)
6/6/2014 c13 silvernmist
Love it really hope you update soon
5/17/2014 c13 bboops20
wow brill love it next chap please
5/15/2014 c13 7Dimitri's Secret Lover
Oooh crazy exciting things are happening! Update soon!
5/15/2014 c13 booknerd1127
Poor mason :'(
5/15/2014 c13 1Xx-Fangirl.Police-xX
Awesome chapter plz update soon
5/15/2014 c13 Jessica Ozera
I love it plzz update soon plzz
4/30/2014 c15 7JordanJas
Some people these days. Honestly! I love this story. It has to be one of my favorite ones. I defiantly wanna see who Conner was but I have an Idea...Please update when you have the time!
4/25/2014 c15 Vampswols4L
can't wait for the update solo excited!:) don't kill mason off plzzzzzz
4/24/2014 c15 Guest
U're story is great
4/23/2014 c15 2fandom-freak16
I love this story so ive only got good things to say about ur stories
4/23/2014 c15 7Dimitri's Secret Lover
I'm sorry you're sick. If you're not going to kill off mason I think he should live but like still disappear like leave for a job or something. Anyway I hope you finish the chapter soon!
4/23/2014 c15 Guest
Haha gosh that is funny, they called you a stupid writer but they couldn't punctuate their review properly! Take your time with uploading, I know the sort of thing your going through. 3
3/22/2014 c14 Guest
This is really good you should keep writing
2/22/2014 c14 Rocio3452
Firstly, really good story and I hope you upload more chapters soon. Secondly, I just read vampiregirl2014 comment and I agree that Conner should be Dimitri and Rose's dead baby. He could of died when Rose was on that car crash that you were talking about in chapter 14. And it should be a miscarriage and not an actual toddler. Hope you upload soon!
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