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for The power of Fear

8/6/2013 c8 8Sora Tayuya
Well at least Jack handled the encounter well, and the Guardians didn't have to bail him out or anything.
8/6/2013 c7 Sora Tayuya
And the pranking begins; quite in-character.
8/6/2013 c6 Sora Tayuya
Good lead-up to the coming trouble, good interaction with Jack and Phil.
8/6/2013 c5 Sora Tayuya
So that is why he said 'no' to the palace. Good idea.
8/6/2013 c4 Sora Tayuya
The concoction and the test subjects.
8/6/2013 c3 Sora Tayuya
Normalacy mixed with newness - good.
8/6/2013 c2 Sora Tayuya
Good character portrayal.
8/6/2013 c1 Sora Tayuya
Intriguing concept.
8/2/2013 c29 guest 2
You know it's a good story when there's a small hole in your chest after the story ends :(
7/24/2013 c29 4redolivia
Awwwwww it's over! I loved it the whole way through. Great story!
7/19/2013 c9 2Catsandorchids
loved *chuckling* medi-yetis XD
6/14/2013 c29 Rascal
I literally want to scream gibberish!
You didn't kill my feels... You Blew Them To KINGDOM COME! Kablooey!
I adore the elves now, and Jack Frost...*sighs dreamily*.
I spent four days using every SECOND of freetime I had, to look for this!
It's fantawesome!(fantastic and awesome)
6/11/2013 c11 vacant-account13
it's really good! cant stop reading!
6/9/2013 c28 Guest
"armed with steel frying pans and their own stupidity ran gleefully through the battle, whacking ankles indiscriminately"
6/9/2013 c12 Guest
"Neither of them noticed that one of the golems had turned a darker shade of grey."
what is a golem? maybe you could explain a bit in the story?
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