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4/2/2017 c6 Guest
What about Pepper?!
11/14/2015 c7 James Birdsong
Nice stories
8/5/2015 c6 80markaleen
These were great and really interesting to read!
7/24/2015 c3 Danazia Gray
Are Jimmy and Rich are identical twins or fraternal twins in Orphan Vingettes?
7/20/2015 c4 Annie Lovers fan
Orphan Vignettes Chapter 4- Tessie

Diary format

January 10th 1934

Dear Diary,

It has been really quiet around here since Annie and Molly got adopted by Mr. Warbucks. Nothing ever changes in our routine here and it's quite depressing. Since Ms. Hannigan got arrested a new lady took over for her. Her name is Frieda. She has curly red hair and keeps a container of licorice on her desk. She is so much nicer than Ms. Hannigan! I miss Annie and Molly so much. They were the two I always got a long to well with. I hope I get to see them more often. On Christmas we went over to the Warbucks mansion for a Christmas party. Annie gave us all really nice presents. Oh my goodness oh my goodness Mrs. Pugh is such a great cook. I love her pancakes!

I overheard Frieda talking on the phone.. it seems like Mr. Donatelli is working to get us all adopted in the next couple months. I am hoping I am the next person to get adopted. I can't wait to get out of this dump and a start a new life with a new family


9/3/2014 c6 pircilla
Good job I felt as if I really knew them Annie is my favorite play
1/22/2014 c4 katiemiller
hi when exactly does July cum in
4/28/2013 c4 1shrimp5000
Omigawsh, chapter 4 is my favorite because I play Tessie in my play! (come and see it, hehe!)
3/27/2013 c4 manuelmusical14
Another good vignette
3/26/2013 c3 manuelmusical14
What a great vignette
3/26/2013 c1 manuelmusical14
Nice job Janine

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