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11/7/2023 c17 zute2
Great story never thought I needed a story about lilynette and stark being in soul society till I read this. I'm hoping to find other stories like this. would love to see a story like this but with lilynette getting shikai and bankai.
8/4/2023 c5 Theif Lupin
It does make sense how she would be in the soul society because hollows killed by shinigami go there the real thing is how they will react with how she has her name
11/9/2022 c17 124701rose
Bear with me for a sec. This story is truly awe-inspiring. The last update I read came out in April 2020, around the time I was having a hard time in school and trying to quit fanfic entirely. I'm so, so glad I stayed. This story is marvelous! There's something to love at every turn. I hope you continue writing, and I will continue reading.
10/7/2022 c11 ChaoticInscriber
Yeah, expecting Lily to stay safely tucked away might have worked for the first day and change, had that been all of the happenings, but the more it dragged out and the quicker they got things stabilized enough to restart classes... The sooner she would get both fed up with passively staying out of it and confident enough in the chaos that she actually could get away with it.
10/7/2022 c2 ChaoticInscriber
That really does fit them quite well - Starrk and Lilynette. She very much has all the passion for Living, while the one thing that motivates him to anything resembling truly passionate behavior is /her/, primarily her protection. Being her zanpakuto means he can spend most of his time napping comfortably, possibly even while sharing his power with her. She can Live, and explore, and he will always be with her (although a lot easier to lug along mid-nap, since he is "inside her" instead of a much taller body alongside her...), and when she needs him she can shout or poke or mentally kick him awake and he can lend his aide, potentially scaring the crap out of some offender that was bothering His Partner. They can play in their Inner World, without disturbances or interference, if they want once she learns how to reach it.
4/10/2022 c5 9JimmyHall24
still one of my favorite Bleach fics.
1/5/2022 c17 4ryotanimoto16
This is in incredible story!
12/23/2021 c17 TaskRabbit
This was charming as hell to read, but it’s a bit frustrating to see it end just as the effects of Lillynet and Starrk’s existence might have begun to have meaningful effects on the story of bleach. It’s a little like I read a very long prologue only to have the rest of the story pulled out of my hands before I could start the first real chapter. I mean, dude, almost half this story was just Starrk skulking around the city passively observing events, with the full interaction amounting to several aborted wild goose chases.
12/23/2021 c14 TaskRabbit
How in the world could Soifon possibly not be aware that the zanpakuto are no longer in rebellion
12/23/2021 c8 TaskRabbit
This isn’t bad writing, but my man, you are eight chapters into a story and literally nothing has happened. You are retelling the rebellion arc, just with Starrk as a narrator/observer. His involvement has been limited to some people saw him, but it changed nothing about the story. Even his freeing of tobiume and whatshername was ultimately a net-nothing because they were caught and freed again by a character that’s actually involved in the plot. What exactly did that whole interaction serve? Speaking with Hyorinmaru was similarly a net zero change on the plot, as he and Toshimaru were going to fight for the same purpose anyway. Your fic is, at this point, contributing nothing to the story.
11/25/2021 c17 Guest
A lovely ending to a good joirney :)
11/12/2021 c2 Iwagasatari-sama
I'M CRYING SO MUCH oh my gawd. That was so sad and so beautifully written ! Can wait to read the rest!
10/19/2021 c17 bluedancingkitty
I forgot to say
a) that it’s a sad day that Turnabout is finished but its a joyous one too because it’s finished! feelin a bit bittersweet that the journey is over

b) Congratulations on finishing! i only said i was proud of you but this needed to be said too, i think lol

10/19/2021 c17 bluedancingkitty
wont let me log in so we’ll do this as a guest. Anyway; I love this story sooo much, thank you for sharing! I’ve followed this story since chapter 8, and it was such a pleasant surprise to see the update in 2019! Writing is Hard and IDK how much a strangers opinion and praise is worth, but I think you should be proud of this fic; you stuck it out and finished it; I know I definitely am proud of you!
Turnabout is such a creative concept, you’ve definitely inspired me to day dreamed about how I would approach this AU lol I liked Starrks attitude throughout, and they way you wrote was really engaging and memorable. I think about Starrk growling “Fine. *Fine.*” and manifesting his zanpakuto during his fight with kenpachi sometimes; not many fics do that to me! I liked everyone’s interactions, and Starrk and Lilynettes relationship too (We need more Starrk and Lilynette fics XD)

So yeah, This is one of my top 5 bleach fanfics, if not in my top 10 favorite fanfics of all time and it’s one of the most common bleach fics I recommend. Thanks for writing and sharing!

10/17/2021 c17 8Hebi R
Thank you for taking me on a delightful journey!
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