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10/17 c17 8Hebi R
Thank you for taking me on a delightful journey!
10/13 c17 Firedon
this was a fun journey, thank you very much for sharing it!
10/11 c17 97chaoscat
Lovely lovely lovely
10/7 c17 largomolo
Despite my earlier reservations, this ending is really comfy. I’m glad it ended this way.
10/7 c15 largomolo
No lie, I would have preferred Soifon to die. Actions have consequences, and even though they would not escape, the shinigami would have been shown they fucked up.
10/3 c17 43Black' Victor Cachat
A nice quiet ending :-)

Nice that Lilynette is getting more friends.

LOL I wonder if the Shinigami, despite the guards, have any idea how much Starrk manifests to look around :-P

Very nice job for this story! What are you going to work on next?
10/3 c17 tonykillyou
Absolutely loved this story and I'm glad you got around to finishing it. The character interactions were just so enjoyable. Thank you for your hard work.
10/3 c17 23Simply Christian
It was cool to get confirmation that Lilynette and Starrk’s situation was a result of an incomplete purification; I’ve only seen this idea explored in one other fanfic.

The Thirteenth would be a good fit for Lilynette, not just because of Ukitake but because of Rukia, too. After all, Kyoraku mentioned that Ichigo would be a good counterexample of how a shinigami should be to Lilynette after her experience with Soifon and what she’s heard about Mayuri… and Ichigo himself learned about how to be a shinigami from Rukia.
The Fifth would also be a good choice for Lilynette, not because of Shinji, but Hinamori. Given Lilynette’s interest in Kido, joining a division where the lieutenant is an expert in the craft would be a good move.

Ever since this was published as a one-shot in “Howling at the Moon,” this has been one of my favorite of your story concepts, having Starrk participate in the Zanpakuto Rebellion. The changes affected and your own takes on the story, plot and characters were interesting to read, and seeing the alerts pop up that a new chapter had been posted has always gotten me excited.
And your accomplishment of completing this story after so long also gives me inspiration for one of my stories, one that has been long in the works, that I will be able to finish it, too.

Congratulations on finishing this story, and I look forward to reading more of your works in the future!
10/3 c17 cybersuzy
Aaaaah I'm happy that it ends so well, but I'm sad that we can't journey with lilinette and her tired zanpakuto more (bonus material excluded). Not a reproach, just that I could continue reading your stories about soul society for ages.
It was such a nice story to follow. It made me really excited and happy whenever there was an update. Thank you again for sharing, and I look forward to re-reading your other stories on ao3 soon.
10/2 c17 Guest
This was fantastic! Enjoyed every minute!
10/2 c17 pointvee

im glad they made it through alright.
10/2 c17 4Spartastic 4
Ah… what a sad and joyous day. Sad to see it end but happy with how it ended. Started this back in 2018 and this has kinda been here since then. And if anyone just found this, I would highly suggest reading it.

Hope to see more of your work soon.

Best of luck in your endeavors.
10/2 c17 LordSalt
Nice to see this story end on a high note after all these years.
10/2 c17 Mw
Wow, congratulations on finishing! And it was so heartwarming too. Thinking about Starrk and Lilynette finally getting a happy ending makes me want to cry.
10/2 c17 Hashirama 1710
I'm sad this is over. it was a great story
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