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3/19/2016 c1 1Scorpio Monkey
Oh my God, so cute! :3 I've adored this pairing for a while now.
Have you considered making a sequel? Or maybe a more intimate story? You totally should. ;)
6/5/2013 c1 5meerkattt
Uh, yeah, kinda, *cough* blush *cough* inducing. Had a few "What?" And "WHY! :'(" On regards of the Lampwick narration. Yeah...

Other than that, it seemed on character and a bit D8 (in a good way... these are just the emotions while reading) I don't really like "mature" tidbits in anything I read/watch, but other than that it was good... if that's okay? It's odd reading it when, as characters, it's easier to imagine them as kids (uh, dont take that the wrong way... o.o) Nice writing and all, I do love the movie and characters, but you pretty much shredded all inoocence Lampwick had in the movie, in this fanfic. Don't know if I'm OK with that, since it does more or less agrees with his personality and he IS a grown man in this fanfic, but still I don't know what Pinocchio would react if he found out (D8 *giggles*).

All immaturity aside, overall the piece was a neat insight into Lampwick's head as a grown man as well as a potiential mate for Pinocchio. It was kinda cringing to get through, even when they, uh, kissed. But the relationship didn't feel forced or anything,.just kinda random(Pinocchio: let set this ROMANTIC DINNER UNDER THE NIGHT SKY right here... He had a looong day, wonder what he wants talk about...) and then they makeout- Pinocchio set himself up. *AHEM* As I was saying, the build up towards this kiss was well written and smooth; and the conclusion was sweet.

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