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for The Warmth of Snow

3/20/2020 c1 Lestat74
Lovely story! Good job! I hope to read more of your stories!
5/25/2019 c1 Vadercat
This story feels incomplete, like it's the start to another story. Just so you know it takes a few days for an infection to take hold a few hours it wouldn't even show up in a microscope slide.
9/14/2014 c1 10Claire.CZ
Yes, that's how it should be. Paris and Callen are perfect match. And the kiss... so tender.
It's a shame that NCIS: Red wasn't even launched. Paris was a great character and I was curious what had happened between her and Roy...
4/2/2013 c1 wotumba1
looks like there could be something...

good story!
3/29/2013 c1 SnoopGirl69
You have a way with words such that I actually liked Paris in this story - I thought she was horrible on the show.
Always a pleasure to read your stories :)
3/27/2013 c1 16MsDubstep
I love that you wrote this. They had so much chemistry on the show. I don't see the writers putting these two together, but hey, that's where we as fan fic writers come in right? :D

Seriously, great work.
3/27/2013 c1 Guest
No no no! It should be Nell not Paris! Seriously loved the story I just love Nell and callen together so much. Thanks for writing
3/27/2013 c1 28knirbenrots
You know what? Although I don't like to SEE them together, reading on it isn't that bad, certainly not the way you just did. So well done, artistic with words as you are.
Thank you!
3/27/2013 c1 20shestarsky
Very well written, the Tinkle nickname is very cute.
3/27/2013 c1 skippy1967
Oh, so you can do romance ;-)
It would have been great if this TV episode would have ended this way. But no, the writers don't get what we want! But you do! Thank you
Great one shot.
3/27/2013 c1 Shaz1
I haven't seen the episode but I love this story! Well written as always! X

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