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1/15/2019 c15 2Mistress-Otaku-Uzumaki-Fox
aww cute dream
1/15/2019 c14 Mistress-Otaku-Uzumaki-Fox
wait why did you end the genjutsu you should've let him suffer some more. still love your work though
1/15/2019 c13 Mistress-Otaku-Uzumaki-Fox
holy god what the hell is dis one of my favorite story's yes it would appear so, i love your work
1/15/2019 c12 Mistress-Otaku-Uzumaki-Fox
yeah yeah you dont have the right to die anymore instead itachi is going to torture you for years which is one second in da real world. so yeah you gonna wish you dead (i know its a few days in the genjutsu thats one second in the real world)
1/15/2019 c10 Mistress-Otaku-Uzumaki-Fox
noooo stay alive i need to read the entire thing
1/15/2019 c9 Mistress-Otaku-Uzumaki-Fox
you little bitch i said not to tell him now hes gonna have messed feeling and that aint good for da babieS (yes i put a s there for a purpose) i love your work
1/15/2019 c8 Mistress-Otaku-Uzumaki-Fox
you little bitch get your filthy hands off naruto and naruto you better marry sasuke or else, sasuke congrats and LoverLove78 i love your work
1/15/2019 c7 Mistress-Otaku-Uzumaki-Fox
question you dont have to answer but whos da dad. kyuubi you better prayer its not you. i love your work.
1/15/2019 c6 Mistress-Otaku-Uzumaki-Fox
you say that and ill murder you have no right to say you love sasuke, naruto plz beat the living shit and crap out of him for me plz thank you... i love your work
1/15/2019 c5 Mistress-Otaku-Uzumaki-Fox
wow naruto you can be so innocent at the most weirdest moments but thats what makes you so adorable. kyuubi... im still mad at you (in this story in others i love you..but not this one) i love your work its genius
1/15/2019 c4 Mistress-Otaku-Uzumaki-Fox
wow kyuubi you really lucked out with sasuke asking naruto to stay but still you gonna get what you deserve later. i love your work
1/15/2019 c3 Mistress-Otaku-Uzumaki-Fox
poor sasuke and poor kyuubi (im saying poor kyuubi because just imagine what will happen when naruto gets home and finds out) and poor naruto his poor heart is gonna hurt
1/15/2019 c2 Mistress-Otaku-Uzumaki-Fox
ohh noo naruto why did you do that... i love your work
1/15/2019 c1 Mistress-Otaku-Uzumaki-Fox
i love it the tension is amazingly well written
5/18/2016 c10 Guest
sasuke's mom's name is mikoto
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