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10/29/2014 c1 10Lightning Ash
It would be in your best interest to watch the anime of Familiar of Zero, just to better acquaint yourself with the characters' abilities. It's only thirteen episodes long, till, so it's not like it'll take very long to accomplish.

Hell, you could get through all of it in a day if you marathon-watch.
Either way, it's a good start.

As long as you don't go in the route of making Ben Louise's bitch like the majority of Familiar of Zero crossovers tends to go in, it'll turn out great.

Even if you haven't watched the Familiar of Zero anime I don't sense any out of character-ness. This isn't a tribute to your writing - which is actually adequate - but more a negative recognition of how utterly flat and shallow the characters of Familiar of Zero were.
9/6/2014 c7 2Damien the Nephilim
Hope you continue soon. Awesome story.
7/12/2014 c2 11Vangran
Spell-check, grammar-check, and for the love of all that's dairy please use punctuations at the end of your paragraphs!
7/7/2014 c7 pokemonking
great story hope you start updating again soon, I really want to read the whole thing start to finish
6/26/2014 c7 Farous Izwan
Only thing I can said about you, I love you and please sex with me my p*** is itchiness and I want you to suck you hole,"

PS, I will come for you to r*** you,

I love you
5/14/2014 c2 2Death of Snipers
hitting a lady for mouthing off no, what about for blowing you up? also at this point, he had kissed julie, and how will he react to zerbst?
5/14/2014 c1 Death of Snipers
hmm, interesting start, but did she bond him or not?
4/15/2014 c7 Telron
interesting so far and also when you come back from your long break to deal with family issues please update. since it is good
2/13/2014 c6 Guest
fouquet is a girl not a man
1/24/2014 c7 X-10-Z
Glad that you are going to continue this story.

One important thing,well nt really it's just only a stupid suggestion from my part .

when you are continuing the story why dont you kind of change the first chapter to match with your other stories and ben have the ultimatrix.*i did mentioned it's a stupid idea*.

I've read all of your stories and all of them are admittedly good but still in all the stories you are mentioning the lines **i am the ben 10*i am ben 10 afterall**or some thing along those same lines over and over are many such lines used and he himself mentioning himself as ben 10 *which he is*. XD

I'm sad to say it does make the story a bit dull to that ben is always full of himself but try to use other terms like "the saviour of the universe" or other terms ...

if you are pairing ben with someone please don't it be vallerie*did i spell the name correctly?* just pair him with anybody else .

If my review offended u in any way i am truly sorry for that and is not intentional. just consider this as a constructive criticism B)

1/13/2014 c7 X-10-Z
Did you abandoned this story dude! it was a damn good story update ...
1/2/2014 c2 Ddragon21
err not really I dont think the harem option makes sense with ben lol.
11/19/2013 c7 sUbSoNiCSoundwave
Kevin Eleven?
11/17/2013 c7 3Olreic
Well, well... That's a nice crossover.

I admit I am not familiar (no pun intended) with Familiar de Zero, but I know the basic concept, and was curious to see what it'd make if Ben was the familiar. Thanks for answering my question

Overall, the story is enjoyable; there are some clumsy dialogues, but it's still good. I'd still suggest you try not to make Ben too invincible. Sure, it's the beginning for now, so I can understand that you have him win (plus Rule of Funny), but eventually to avoid him being boring, you will have to give him actually dangerous opponents.

Albedo, while one of my favourite villains, is an odd choice for a villain; I am glad you use him of course, but I hope you don't forget his sympathetic motivations and make him a generic villain. Then again, you seems to know Ben 10 well, so I trust you with this

To conclude, I enjoy the story. I'll be following it and be ready for the next update
11/5/2013 c7 remisolleke
PLEASE update this story I am dying to know whats going to happen next 0.0
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