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4/19 c95 infectedotter34
Wooooo! Nice chapter, glad to see the story back. Wherever you're going with the story I'll follow whether adventure or mystery. Otherwise only one critique is solely about conversations between characters discussing evidence always feels as if both know everything that the other does before its said making it feel like one character is brainstorming rather than two. Not a big deal and i don't know from a readers perspective of how to fix it. Looking forward to any updates.
4/18 c95 Pullrockbruce
Yes! Thank you for the update , and please continue the story its one of my favorites
7/6/2021 c76 3PHD in oof
You need a beta, lots of spelling and grammar errors. Not just in this chapter but in everything up til this point as well.
7/6/2021 c70 PHD in oof
It’s spelled excellent, not exhalent
2/22/2021 c93 Pullrockbruce
I just wanted to say that i love the story you made so far, the way you add the old world details fits so right, I just hope you can start adding new chapters
9/30/2020 c93 Infectedotter43
Really good job describing the battle, not too much detail nor too much. Only thing might be describing the layout before the fight like "to the north the forest merged into the clearing about 200 yards out" or some such and if you did I probably am just blind, that way as a reader you feel the confusion of Karl as the fight breaks down into messy melee and his clear-cut realization as he fights through and understands where he is in the fight sometimes during the blur that is combat. Like those few seconds where you're able to think about more than cut and slash or the man next to you.
9/20/2020 c92 Kripp
Karl could really use some character growth at his point, him acting like a wiped dog all the time is getting old, has been for a long time.
He has been through a lot in his short lifetime, so him being so subservient is.. Odd, he should be more self confident, instead what we get is a cowered and meek kid
I get that magic is a scary thing, and that its held over his head pretty much constantly, but its getting kinda stale, something has to change.
Either him getting new found confidence and/or improving/learning a new skill
Give the man a bow and arrow to go with his enhanced muscles and eyesight, he would make for an excellent rogue/ranger with a bit of training, instead of this warrior path his going down where he can't utilize his shape-shifting for fear of being found out

Story is still pretty good, just feels like its more of the same
5/2/2020 c92 3Lord Marshal
I think the problem I have with this story is two fold. One, there isn't an overarching plot or theme. What's the point in anything Karl is doing? What is the end goal? Who is the big villain? Is this connected to the End Times or are we just following Karl around? Even if you have some grand plan or something in the works and don't want to reveal it yet, you need to at least hint at there being something greater to look forward to than several hundred thousand words of reading 'Karl the Minion gets sent out on another errand part 254'. And the segment in this chapter where he expresses frustration at his circumstances isn't a hint of anything greater and he has agonised over his circumstances in the past before and done nothing about it anyway.

The second problem is his utter lack of progression as a character. Karl has been one of the Wizards minions for a long time now. Ninety Two chapters in to the story and beyond accepting his werewolf power and gaining a pistol, Karl seems to have made no growth or progress in becoming who he wants to be. I mean, 284,000 words later and I'm not sure he even KNOWS what he wants to be. He still has problems controlling his werewolf and temper, he still can't read or write, he barely has any possessions to his name, he's still immature, he's still a glorified minion. If you had transplanted the Karl from the start of the books after he had gained his power, beyond some combat experience and partial control over his wolf, he would pretty much be the same person.

In essence we desperately need to see the plot advance and to see Karl to start growing up.

I know this came out as a rant but don't take it all as criticism. I genuinely love this story and have been following since it's first chapters. But it desperately needs SOMETHING big to happen and for Karl to start coming to his own.
2/27/2020 c91 colin9696
Love this Fic after beginning to reread it for maybe the tenth time i realized i haven’t left a review i Favorited but i am not good on reviewing but i love this fic so i posted my character profile/info sheet on Karl i do this for 30 or so fics and books that i like i added questions stuff as i reread it so sorry if it rambles on.
Karl Richter age: 19-21?
Build: 6 ft broad shouldered but lean frame from a life of hard work and minimum food after the attack and several transformation and life on the road as an agent of a grey wizard puts him 6 1-3? ft .
Hair color : Black ? Picked this color because his wolf-form has black hair
Eye color : Gold? Same reason as hair.
Weapons: Old Bomer Dagger, a dead Knight of Sigmars Long Sword ,Dwarven Pistol [3 barrel flintlock], a Short Sword of Verena, wolf-head amulet from a wilfred priest of ulric, necromantic enchanted long sword from a sigmar priest turned lich [left in mordheim], A Sigmar amulet where it came from ? Maybe it was once ernest the acolyte who was possessed by sigmar or maybe the one thing he has from home.
Equipment; hostler/sword belt and gunshot pouch, steel powder horn, a satchel with a change of clothes, tinder box/ food /supplies and a rope to tie around his chest in his wolf form for traveling in that form with his supplies and weapons.
Education: Has not been taught to read but still smart able to conduct investigations after just a few weeks with a monk of verena investigator.
Wolf Form
7-8 ft?
Hair color : Black
Eye color: Gold?
Partial transformation since you don't mention the hair fully consuming his arm i think of this like wolverine or sabertooth from x men the former for the hairiness later for his claws and teeth.
Werewolf and an agent for a grey order wizard a miller's grandson, his father left to be a traveling entertainer with his mothers troupe when his parents died at age 3 he was sent back to his grandfather's mill where he did most of the work under the barking and beatings of a bitter old man who proceeded to drink all the money away leaving him growing up yearning to travel and tales from the former halberdier brome but too timid to take the first step until he was attacked by a werewolf.
After surviving an attack and waking up down river healed with fuzzy memories and his body healed he went home after a day of work feeling sick and hungry before then changing blacking out and killing his grandfather he then is captured before his home and his witch hunter captors are killed by orc raiding party he kills them using silver to maintain his mind he buries everyone and leaves 4 days later he arrives and is hired to act as guard to a caravan to altdorf unknowingly beginning of his work with the grey order.
Rough timeline since bitten.
Chap 17: 3-6 Months Arrival at averheim.
Chap 28: 4-7 Months Third mission for marx.
Chap 32: 5-9 Months Enslaved by dark elf.
Chap 41; 7-11 Months Returned to empire
Chap 42; 8-12 Months Travel to mordheim.
Chap 49; 8-12 Months Return to altdorf.
Chap 61; 9-13 Months?{he mentions two years ago to sister bess so that means it must be at least a year since his travels or being bitten} Recovering from Nurgle's rot.
Chap 69; 11-15 Months. Hunting the vampire.
Chap 70; 12-16 Months. Return to altdorf
Chap 77; 13-17 Months. Expedition into world edge mountains returns to Altdorf.
Chao 88; 15-19 Months. Down time.

Future abilities/ overall suggestions;
When traveling in wolf form, have him bring rope tie his clothes and weapons in a bundle and tie it to his back better than carrying it in one arm.
He has the money so see a dwarven/imperial gunsmith about making a second pistol or a rifle maybe Hochland Long Rifle he isn't good with bows but maybe look into crossbows they can be near silent kill the leader of the war-herd and watch the beastmen fight over or he could put that brain to work and hire a tutor or two on firearms and explosives if he requests it from marx or uses his money to hire one he could take a crossbow bolt load a metal tube packed with gunpowder and gunshot and a fuse and you have a deadly weapon cable of killing charging enemies by the dozens and larger foes and start using his control over his ‘wolf blood’ to make his eyes sharper making him into a deadly shot have him spend some time off to perfect his skills he seems to miss most shots until the third have him start practicing he can afford a extra bags of shot and gunpowder.
He needs a weapon to wield in his wolf form his claws fall short when faced with well armored enemies so maybe a warhammer/axe or greatsword though with the longer grip on the former and his strength coupled with his speed could make for a deadly force.
Explain/ go into detail why he hasn’t invoked ulric name in battle more after seeing the power of gods in chapter 13 seeing sigmar is it that he doesn’t know to how to call for miracles/blessing or maybe he doesn't know if he is a not a chaos spawn and whether they will answer him but he still prays to the god of thieves and other gods so please go into his thought process of what he is and how his belief/faith has changed since he was bitten if only briefly; but i think with his actions for the empire and the fact that he radiates magic in his human form maybe even untrained he could still become a quasi-Templar or at least tap into the power briefly while facing off against a chaos champion maybe the amulet of ulric burns with bite of winter given his domains and gives him strength to land a killing blow or keep fighting.
His mortality or immortality I like the idea of him as someone who tries to live by just taking it one day at a time someone who goes with the hand the gods deal him is the way he comes off but not passive so maybe he makes stronger ties with longer lived races knowing possibly he may outlive many humans maybe have his ties of friendship be with the dwarfs being close with the empire and the only way is through deeds helping them reclaim a hold/fighting beasts of world's edge mountains which would lead to him changing to kill them and ensure his groups survival and depending on the beast and the hold and relics recovered and weather the dwarf may have records of were creatures so maybe they would view them as natural beings if not his actions and his tales/deeds with the grey order and fighting/willing to die a monster for his people would strike a chord with the dwarf mindset or maybe he finds his way into tipping the balance in the war for Karak Eight Peaks that has stalemated so maybe they use his other form to break it.
Gotta keep going on my reasons for a eight peaks future arc with it being the third time he has ‘hunted’ the skaven the last time he had too run away even while denying them the warpstone but that has to burn his wolf something fierce running from rodents and then on the expedition seeing goblins ride wolfs would help his flame his hatred for the other race and the and the thought of seeing the city and helping the dwarves reclaim it and the thought of a dwarf crafted suit of armor for his wolf form because without armor his form is almost usually a game changer but with enough force he can be overcome him being armored even partially to keep him agile i think the smiths of the dwarfs would take pleasure in design a new form of armor for one who will be key in upcoming battle in this decades long siege and him killing Skarsnik, or once they learn how strong his is him carrying explosives through the tunnels and dwarven gadgets to create enough havoc on their enemies while a beachhead is formed for the dwarfs army under the high king which should be marching to 8 peaks if we go by dwarf timeline.
Maybe a mission with the grey order halfling in the future karl could bond over a near death journey and he could introduce karl with pipeweed a habit karl takes to (after two years of fighting and traveling he needs a vice and this one is rather harmless with his regeneration) when wanting to warm up on the road or chill out by the campfire.
The only thing i can think of to add without rambling further is karl need to strengthen his resolve the ending of chapter 87 made that clear which is why i liked 88 where he if not strengthened at least stabilized his resolve i like karl his curiosity for both the races and culture and even gods he is a traveler at heart and open to listening to one's point of view to expand his own but sometimes he comes off too passive in arguments which is understandable he is still learning about the world and 1 and half to two years into his journey but with conversations like with the helga about vampire wars and humans enslaved to vampire or the malal champion he comes off weak willed though that may more be about their decades if not centuries of experience and karl who is still learning about the world and his place in it.
Love this story keep up the great work!
2/12/2020 c3 22grankhan
I think, the fight was well made. I first though, that Karl had been atacked by a vampire. Perhaps a Striigoi, but he had somehow beating back vampiric corruption.
2/12/2020 c91 raychii521
I just finish reading Breaking the cycle. I go to see if the author as other story's and surprise I'm already following other story of is.

You are a great writer thanks for the story's.
10/2/2019 c82 FriggleBerry
This story is a pleasure to read I wish there were more like it, I haven’t read a fic this good in a long time prolly since I had my foray into the mass effect fandom which in my opinion has some of the best fanfics on can’t wait to catch up.
10/2/2019 c70 FriggleBerry
Damn this story is amazing
10/2/2019 c26 FriggleBerry
As soon as I heard that girls rhymes I knew
10/2/2019 c26 FriggleBerry
I didn’t expect a mystery story but can’t say I’m mad about it this is fun as hell to read
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