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8h c10 18nagiten
so Naruto may have made a verison of itachi?
um wasn't kushina still a virgin too? for that matter isnt karura? so he has the rabbit goddess in his head? hmm so maybe minato wont be an enemy if he has his own hyuuga honey
10h c9 nagiten
interesting making enemies everywhere naruto
didnt kushina already best him in eating ramen? well the rain trio just got a dedicated sensei i think. also naruto does know the hiraishin was the second hokage jutsu first minato just refined it ...much like how naruto would refine the rasengan oh shit so every jilted flame becomes a threat. fugaku hiashi now minato oh boy
12h c8 nagiten
hnnn interesting
so he has both scorpions and dragons oh boy '' of course the monkey would get slaughtered'' how would a monkey get slaughtered it a fight between green genin and a kage? you have kushina repeat the we used to play together bit. also i thought kushina grew up in her village and was only in the leaf for the academy . also naruto dropped the ball big time here didnt he taking his eyes off his little genin i mean not even sending a clone after them big mistake boyo
5/17 c6 nagiten
isnt he used to seeing dead people that are alive? i mean his parents most of the uchiha the third hokage jiryra countless other? so hiro related to gaara hmm, also hasnt naruto met pakura already during the war? naruto hasnt figured it out he kazekage allowed the guy in i mean how else are they to get the explosive style in their ranks? and did naruto forget about the replacement jutsu? oh boy first he ensures he doesnt get born then Sasuke and itachi now his bro gaara his friend temari and kankuro..oh boy
5/17 c4 nagiten
why does he have trepidation for changing the future? he knows he wont erase himself from the timeline. plus he was sent back to change the future in big and small ways
5/17 c3 nagiten
of course the man would be sterner Naruto he is younger less brought down by his guilt failures and pain and has not yet lived through a second war. plus you are uchiha not a young brat of a uzumaki. oops naruto had a little of the uchiha arrogance
5/17 c2 nagiten
naruto naruto why would she ever guess you were her son from the future now a Uchiha? i mean the most likely answer is the one kushina came up with ...gee naruto you really do prove the blonde are dumb thing sometimes and you arent even blonde anymore., ok so he was with sakura? so no hinata confession during the pein attack? no catching Sakura in the lie after Sasuke attacked the summit? ok . plus minato no doubt saw this naruto parents cause well this naruto needs them technically or is he seeing the real naruto? hmm
5/17 c1 nagiten
so naruto been naruto didnt listen when the shinigami all but said he was going back in time and not be placed when he left? oh naruto
4/16 c19 thomascastillo9987
why did you stop this on. it was so ood. please ring it back!
4/16 c13 thomascastillo9987
more. more. more!
4/12 c4 thedankestyeet
...and theres no character development, traight to falling in love...WE DONT EVEN KNOW THE WOMAN...sigh
4/12 c4 thedankestyeet
ew so now hes gonna start gaining pride as an uchiha for basically killing someone for no reason.. lmao its so boring when things are excessively overkill, when their personality should stop that from being possible...but i guess not for this storyy
4/12 c3 thedankestyeet
if youre just gonna have naruto do uchiha crap getter than uchiha, there really aint much to read.. what surprise will there even be?
4/12 c3 thedankestyeet
ew a pissing contest just to get close to mikoto...bleh, disgusting
4/11 c2 thedankestyeet
irked me how you made the so close to what oruka said to him
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