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for La vie à bord

8/19/2016 c9 Guest
Noooooo...continue please. I had just started reading this and already love it. I hope you find it in your heart to continue this story, because I love it so much lol.
4/6/2016 c9 friedkimchilover
I LOVE IT! please write more! I absolutely love your way of writing. Cannot wait for update!
7/1/2015 c8 fusoso
Okhaaaaay, Arthur! ;_; that quite... Err-nevermind.
It's going to be fun now on! Rawrr :"D
Love yer writing style! Please continue ;_;
6/30/2015 c5 fusoso
sesel again x"D am going to used to it ja? Haha.
W-where's my hubb? ;_;
6/30/2015 c4 fusoso
what da hell Francis? Am I fangirl-ing?!
6/30/2015 c3 fusoso
aww :"D francis looks awesome yet disgusting whelp.
Read next to see my hub -
6/30/2015 c2 fusoso
cool! Want to read next chap~
This help me to study my basic french as well x"D thank you. Please continue.
12/25/2014 c9 Guest
Please update! I absolutely love these pairings. LOVE TRIANGLES.
12/25/2014 c9 Guest
ARGHHHHH KYAHHHH! Love this! please update! So good! :D
12/20/2014 c9 Guest
This is really good. Can't wait for the update.
12/19/2014 c9 Guest
Hey thar ho thar! This is most definetly SUBARUSHI please continue! LOVE WHAT IS GOING ON HURRR! HEHEHEHEHEHHEE! 3 please update!
5/11/2014 c9 Spaghetti
I love this fic don't stop pleaseeee
1/2/2014 c9 YoBiggestFan
I love your work please keep going and don't give up! This is such a good story! And the build up to the smut is coming along pretty nicely! The lack of updates is driving me CRAZYYY
12/14/2013 c9 International-Wonderland
Please update, I have to know what happens next. I am loving this fic.
12/2/2013 c9 kuppeycakexoxo
3333333333333333333333333 THIS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE
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