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7/19/2016 c8 4lizb1813
Totally loving your story! Hoping you decide to finish it one day.
5/8/2015 c8 Guest
Nooooooo...! That can't be the end! Would LOVE to read more if you decide to pick it up again, pretty please?!
4/13/2014 c8 Sue
I'm a newbie, love the show and just discovered fanfic for it. Your story is great, captivating - but, next chapters?
7/28/2013 c8 9Katycat1970
Ahhh matey - great to see another chapter of this... :)

Although, sneaky sneaky... You got me at the beginning - I was convinced she was awake at last... :) But no - it was a dream... :( (naughty, sneaky Ash)...!
But boy, what a turn around - the way you turned the dream into a nightmare - very well done...

"I'm not leaving, Charlie." - Am almost proud of Will here - it's so what Mac would want...
Love the whole scene with Charlie and then a great scene with Leona too... And she like Mackenzie secretly! Yay...

Fantastic chapter matey and so long... We are spoiled...

Really can't wait to read the next one - she's sure to wake up soon ? RIght?

Thanks for posting and sharing Ash...
7/25/2013 c8 Tccon
Great chapter . . . The first portion was both wonderful and scary all at the same time. Loved your voice of Leona, she is a tough women making it in a mans world, she has an appreciation for what Mac has to deal with. Please don't make us wait so long for an update! Keep writing.
7/23/2013 c8 14lilacmermaid33
Ash! I'm so glad to see a new chapter from you!

-That nightmare at the beginning? It felt SO real. How awful, to have such a lovely memory morph into something so disturbing!
-You write Leona so well! None of us try her all that often, but you totally brought her to life in this chapter!
-I love Will likening himself/Mac to Charlie/Leona, I could totally see that happening, if they don't get their acts together soon! And I like Leona referring to "Mackenzie's Will"
-The best part, though, is seeing how much Will is spinning out of control without Mac there ... for different reasons, this is kind of how I feel about Will's state of mind at this point in season two, so it's especially poignant reading it now.

Great job! Can't wait to see what happens next!
6/17/2013 c7 88Lattelady
Amazing story. You really do Newsroom justice.

Thanks for doing the switch of the minor pairings. As well as being a Mac/Will fan, I really like Maggie and Jim. Sloan is a much better fit for Don.
6/14/2013 c8 37iworkwithpens
Alright, I must admit, you got me ridiculously excited when I saw a new chapter of this one had been posted. But, it's ok, I'll deal with the disappointment.

Good luck with your exams and essays...we'll all be eagerly awaiting your return!
6/3/2013 c7 Guest
5/15/2013 c7 9Katycat1970
"I just need you to wake up Mac. We all do. I just need you to be okay” – I think Jim speaks for all of us here! We just need you to wake up Mac!

"More blame, Will?" – oh dear… so true… Poor Will…. I really am feeling for him now… I don't know how he's carrying on right now with all blame and sadness... :( I just want to give him a hug (or would actually prefer Mac to give him a hug)! ha ha!

Loved the flashback scene with Charlie – I would so like to see some more of this time on season 2 - a flashback of sorts and especially those damn emails - I'm convinced Will's ready them you know… I wonder if Mr Sorkin will oblige?

Fantastic LONG chapter once again matey – gosh – am loving this….

So looking forward to more when you can….

Thanks for posting…

5/15/2013 c6 Katycat1970
Great to see another chapter of this matey – am loving it still…

Loved the whole scene with the nurse – she seemed to handle Will so well… smart lady!
“He was just unsure what he was going to find harder to handle: letting go of Mac's hand or managing to stay away from her for any extended period of time.” Awww – sad line….

“"I never said the guy was shooting at me -" Will replied heatedly.
"I didn't either, but either way it's what you believe, isn't it?" Will swallowed. "It's written all over your face. Guilt. You know that someone sent you a death threat months ago - death by gun, in fact - and right now, you're convinced that you're the one who should have been the one lying in a pool of blood." Poor Will…. The guilt must be so bloody hard for him to deal with right now… He needs his Mackenzie to wake up – that’s the only thing that’ll help!

Hmmm – Loving this story - it's so intriguing... The Jim story line too – can’t wait to read where this is going to…

Great job once again matey – lovely LONG chapter too…. Beautiful!

I’m off to read the next one now!
Thanks for posting…
5/14/2013 c7 37iworkwithpens
Ok, I agree with Lilac. I don't understand how you keep me loving this story and hanging on every freaking word, when my beloved Mackenzie hasn't even appeared as anything other than a lump in the bed?! I say 'lump in the bed' in a very loving and caring way!

That being said, I love Jim in this chapter! I know he's not in it much, but I think some of his lines/ thoughts were so great: "I wish you would wake up, because you would understand. Or you would if you were here. But when you wake up, Will's going to need you, and you're going to be busy, and he's more important." Even when he's having a breakdown, Jim realizes this?! Love it!

Damn, Will is just full of guilt! Habib is going to have a lot to handle...so is Mackenzie, when she wakes up. Cannot wait for more!
5/13/2013 c7 Jacks in my head
The emotions in this story is rough; but awesome writing. Thanks for posting another chapter.
5/12/2013 c7 Guest
Another great chapter. I like the way you explain the mess of confused emotions in Will's head and the insight that Jack brings to it. I liked finding out that Charlie didn't know about the reason that Mac left for the war zone until she returned and sent the email. The fact that neither of them told Charlie about the cheating, for all those years
was another sign to me that they continued to love each other and didn't want to talk about something so painful.
Will could have hurt Mac by telling Charlie what she did, but he chose not to.
God...I wish Will could get there! He better have it together by the time Mac wakes up!
Wonderful story. Dying for more!
Thanks so much
5/12/2013 c7 14lilacmermaid33
I love pretty much everything in this chapter. How do I love this story so much when my favourite character hasn't even been around for most of it? ;)

Love Will's therapy session ... we've written so many of them, but this is the first one where he's already going through something traumatic, on top of dealing with all his other problems, and the rawness of Will's emotions is so well done here. I kind of wish Habib could just permanently be on standby for him in this story!

LOVE this take on Charlie. I like Will being annoyed with him, but I like how you show both sides of it, and him being fed up with Will too. Love seeing him be just as broken up over what's happened to Mac, both now and when she was stabbed. Might be my favourite version of Will finding out that we've seen so far.

More than anything else in this chapter, though, I love that one scene with Jim. Next to Will/Mac, I think the Jim/Mac friendship is my favourite relationship on the show, even though we don't see nearly enough of it. I would SO love to see Jim get to explore a more emotional storyline like this one.

[But when you wake up Will's going to need you and you're going to be busy, and I know he's more important, I just - God.]

Heartbreaking. I just wanted to give him a hug.

Can't wait for your next chapter!
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