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for Get Your Head In The Game

4/6/2013 c5 2jackandkim4ever
Thnx alot
4/6/2013 c5 4jackandkimforever
YAY! Can't wait for the next chappie!
4/4/2013 c4 Abbystar58
Ha my moms name is nichole my brother San and my boyfriend Danny LOL
4/4/2013 c3 Guest
It's good I love kickin' it and the packers
4/3/2013 c3 Guest
I don't like cliff hangers!
4/3/2013 c3 Guest
OMG!1 not fair, but anyways the story is awesome an can u please put more chaps?! thank you love yall!
4/3/2013 c3 Guest
It's far to early to see anything on a sonnagram of Kims stomach. The fetus hasn't even developed, it's just a bunch of dividing cells
4/5/2013 c4 Kickinitlover01
i didnt like it...I LUVED IT more plz
4/5/2013 c4 Kickfan20
Cool story
4/5/2013 c4 2jackandkim4ever
Pizaz is such a weird word
4/5/2013 c4 5KarateGirl77
cool chapter update soon
4/4/2013 c4 Jennlee1
post more! I'm liking the story more and more
4/4/2013 c4 4jackandkimforever
AAAAAH! Can't wait for the next one!
4/4/2013 c3 5KarateGirl77
update soon
4/3/2013 c3 1swagmasterlol
awh, they're all pregnant, cute! aha
make it a boy!
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