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for Love at First Sight

6/19/2019 c4 Jonas
Glad to see this continued and i love the pairing of this fanfiction because in the show i always felt that Danny and Cathy would make a great couple. Good Luck on future chapters!
3/3/2018 c4 Joselin next
What happened to Catty and Danny next?
7/27/2017 c4 Guest
I really love cathy x danny fanfiction. nothing in the fanfiction archive has been updated in a while. Also love this story!
3/5/2017 c4 Guest
if you have the time please update Love at First Sight, it's really amazing
10/10/2016 c4 Guest
Yo bleachstar4ever i really like this story could you start updating again
8/3/2014 c4 mollymolata
Hey you doing it good and please continue :)
7/30/2014 c4 1Mikayla FireBane
First... so so sorry for not being able to read it as soon as you updated :/ I had internet problems... and I really wanted to help you right when you published this chapter.. But here I am now! :)

Cute chapter. I liked it :) But...
Alright... here goes my review... since I promised I would help...
*You need to put at least what's happening... everything felt a bit rushed. Like... when Cathy's worrying over Danny on concerning himself over Sam and Chris and then... you suddenly put that she's going to be late before Danny gets to her house.

*Need to add more emotions or reactions from the characters. I don't think you did that on Mr. Smith's dialogues...
For example... ("Ok Cathy... And will you be here, Danny?" Grandpa asked, walking to us.
"Yes sir. I mean... if that's not a problem?" Danny asked, frowning worriedly.
Grandpa smiled at him. "No, it's not a problem. See you guys later. And have fun.")
Kinda like that... you have to describe what the characters are doing and how they're talking to the other... that way we - the readers- will know what's happening exactly. But if you dont... other readers might be like, "Wait... what else did they did? How did they react or act like while talking?"
Add descriptions... more actions too. The dialogue is great... but you need to work a bit on adding more... 'feeling' into the characters personality

*At the beginning you were doing great. With adding Danny's personality on how he calls his name in third person :) ... That made me smile, telling myself that that's exactly how he will act.

*Add more personality on Cathy, too. She's bubbly and always want to help others... it would be great if she had those funny but cute actions that I liked about :)

*Hmm... what else... Oh! I don't think this will help a lot... but... add more connection between a character towards the other.

Sorry... I know I promised I will help you with your story and all... and I'm glad I am... Really :) I just feel... weird, saying my opinion on something. Usually I don't. Well... I never do it... But if I want to help, and you want me to help you... then I have to do it so you can get better, right? XD

Well... I can't wait to review the next chapter. Let's see how Sam and Chris will react ;)
Just keep it up... try to do some of the things I told you... and I promise you that you'll get a whole lot better *thumbs up*
6/27/2014 c2 Guest
doing great.
4/24/2014 c3 Mikayla FireBane
Wow. Been a while since someone posted chapters for this show xD I actually thought you weren't going to update like others I used to follow :)

The chapter was great but... it feels like it's going a bit to rushed :/ I mean, don't get me wrong, your story is great and I have high expectations about it, but it also makes me want the chapters to be more longer xD they finish up pretty fast.

Have you ever tried to have a beta reader? (Not to be rude or anything) It looks like you can get creative on how to write the story but I feel like it needs more dialogue and... characters reactions, showing their emotions, you get what I mean (you do right?)

I repeat. I'M NOT BEING RUDE OR ANYTHING. Your story is great and all. Definitely will be in my favorite stories list ;)

PS: If you want help or something for it... PM me :)
5/11/2013 c2 1Truman B
love it
3/30/2013 c1 mollymolata
I like the beginning of your Story. I hope you will continue writing the story.

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