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for The Meadow

6/18/2017 c1 1J.P. Hallingbird
Ugh. You need to continue this. It's so cute!
10/3/2016 c1 79YeagerMeister31
this was sweet and adorable
3/28/2014 c1 2fefe210
Well isn't this just a diamond in the rough
I feel kinda bad because I've been whoring out Ino with every character I want to see her with. And I've read many great shikaino some great kibaino a few great gaarino and naruino; it saddens me because I love Ino and she deserves a lot of good fanfiction!
And this is good fanfiction ;)
7/4/2013 c1 4Shadowed Kitsune Kage
this could easily be written into a long story but then again cliffhangers make people want to read it over and over again trying to come up with what happens in their own mind after-words and making it a different experience every time they read it so this might have been a great idea for a fanfiction.

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