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for The Power of Fear

1/8/2018 c3 darkfinder
well fun stuff . to bad that is it .
1/8/2018 c1 darkfinder
fun see if they make it work .
12/8/2013 c3 Guest
keep it up ti good
9/18/2013 c3 Marisol
continue this please? I am in love with it :)
5/17/2013 c3 ellaryne
Lovin it
5/17/2013 c2 ellaryne
Love it
5/17/2013 c1 ellaryne
4/7/2013 c2 4Magic Janet
love it! much needed alteration!
4/6/2013 c2 1Sci.Fi.Disaster
awwwwwww! i loved this chapter cant wait for prom!
4/5/2013 c1 4Magic Janet
:D I would LOVE a Klaroline alteration :D 3 3 3
3/31/2013 c1 15simbagirl
Love how you write Stebekah! More, please.
3/31/2013 c1 1Sci.Fi.Disaster
yes ! continue id love it if you continue!
3/30/2013 c1 Lena
I love Stebekah
3/30/2013 c1 3DGfleetfox
I love Rebekah, I honestly truly do... she deserves some love, to catch a break. I know that the show is based around Elena but I wish it wasn't, she annoys me too much that I greatly favor the supporting characters by like hundreds of miles.
3/30/2013 c1 Georgia
I really loved this story. OMG did you love it in the episode when elijah came back?! I actually am in love with him. So yeah can you do another chapter it would be really cool. X

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