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2/21/2015 c1 Pauline
When I read that I'm crying.
You are amazing.
Thank you so much.
But I want to know what has Kono doing after she leaved Five 0. Did she saw Steve again? What she done?
I love you,
9/30/2013 c10 bushy4
Great story. Always love McKono!
9/25/2013 c10 36francis2
Awwww. Love it.
9/23/2013 c10 358carson34
Love this chapter and storyline. Good job
9/20/2013 c2 2Thunder Knight
so sad
8/14/2013 c9 36francis2
8/6/2013 c9 358carson34
Cute. Wish that it was longer
6/30/2013 c8 36francis2
I want to read their conversation. This is going to be so interesting. I hope they figure out what to do with their love.
6/29/2013 c8 4Ladyy G
I loved it Faith! It was awwesome chapter! I really love hearing Kono and Steve's inner thoughts so keep up the good work! I really hope Steve is okay and they make up! Well what am I saying if course they are they always do! Can't wait for the next chapter!
6/29/2013 c8 bushy4
Oh it's getting good now. What is he going to do? Please update fast fast fast
5/28/2013 c7 insomniMANIac
Aww he isn't complete without her that line made me coo. I'm glad your back this chapter was a goodway of coming back. I didn't like the season finale, I thought too much was going on and it felt rushed , what did you think? Err writers block is the worse but I'm glad you got your inspiration back. Update soon.
5/26/2013 c7 Lasonya
Great chapter. Don't worry Grace is under contract, so I think she will be back. I heard she might be pregnant, but I haven't seen a story on her confirming it you know how internet rumors are. Surely they are not that stupid to get rid of her.
5/27/2013 c7 Ladyy G
Awwww this is soooooo sweet! I love hearing Steve's inner thoughts its nice to know what he's thinking. I love at the end you mixed the title with him waiting I see what you did there!
5/26/2013 c7 CuriousBear
Aww poor Steve
5/4/2013 c6 7DivaLola
The idea of the story is good, but it's hard to read because of all the errors. A lot of the sentences don't make sense.

Let me know if you need a Beta. I'd be more than happy to proof-read and help you with your grammar and sentences.
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