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6/22/2016 c4 Guest
9/5/2015 c4 Nerdy vampire boy
Awesome story pls update soon
7/29/2015 c4 Opal
PLEASE continue
4/14/2014 c4 2Hoppy854
Alright! i like this story! please make the next chapter soon!:D
4/13/2014 c4 SnowSongX357
I love the story so far, but its kinda heart breaking to see what happened to Kaoru but all in its very interesting! I can't wait to see what Kia will do and what would happen next! So Please Continue to Write this and Update Soon! :D
11/29/2013 c1 3LandofWindandShade
hey love it but when will we see some other ruffs and other puffs point of view but I liked it hope u can read some of my stories
11/22/2013 c4 29Fireball Massacre
XD stupid technology... but good once again (the story that is
9/2/2013 c3 Maddeline Hatter
Wow nice
8/10/2013 c3 litterry
Please update very soon :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)
O:-)O:-)O:-)O:-)O:-)O:-)O:-)O:-)O:-):-):-):-):-):- )B-)
8/1/2013 c3 5alycat63
Awesome story
7/17/2013 c1 29Fireball Massacre
entertaining yes it is... jk pretty damn good child
6/18/2013 c2 marverl123
That was really good but you should continue the story pretty please?!
5/22/2013 c2 Pegasus girl
… hm … I think … it's … AWESOME XD
4/23/2013 c2 1Katananinjay
Kaurou should say:your gonna make me wear a dress!ur so dead!$!
4/3/2013 c2 3Galistar Midnight
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