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8/12/2018 c1 Soleysly Rivera
7/3/2016 c19 Guest
Worst story i have EVER read...by far! I'm actually shocked by how much i despise it...
5/5/2016 c18 Guest
I enjoyed this story a lot. 3 Poor Leah, I hope she gets the HE she deserves.
8/5/2014 c19 3crippsy2
Come on get that sequel up and show Crippsy some Angela bashing big style! -)
8/5/2014 c18 crippsy2
Hey YoGurl -) Well, I think that Leah could never have got back with Jake, he's lied about so much and quite honestly this Jake was a major arsehole that I couldn't see how or why she would of stayed with him. It's sad for Jake that he's missed out so much on Jayden's life & that will prob never be rectified. I wish Angela had got punished more (loose the baby-yeah harsh I know!) or anything, seem's she's getting away with being such an evil bitch!

Overall, i really enjoyed reading this and I'm glad you finished it -)
8/2/2014 c18 Guest
All that buildup throughout the story and this is the shitty ending? It's not shitty because jacob and Leah aren't together it's shitty becuase you overloaded the story with so much drama and twists all for nothing to really be tied up in the end and some things didn't even need to happen and nobody got what they deserved good or bad. It was not realistic as to what would have really happened. You ruined your own story.
8/1/2014 c18 Scratches head
Urm that is the ending? I liked the rest of the story but the ending was really bad and felt rushed.
8/1/2014 c18 LifenthewayIseeit
Wait... That's the end? I'm confused about why Jayden left? How old is he? Shouldn't he have had more respect and love for his mom than to leave her behind? I'm confused as to why he's mad at her. I thought it was a good story but i'm confused about the ending.
7/30/2014 c18 LilenaFour
Honestly this is the worst blackwater story ever WTF
7/30/2014 c18 brankel1
Loved it. wished Jake & Leah had gotten back together.
7/28/2014 c18 Guest
i waited all this time and i gotta say i'm kind of disappointed. unless theres gonna be a sequel? i
7/28/2014 c1 1DarkBeauty21
I like the ending but I feel like it's not over. I mean Leah is just going to leave? And what about Angela? She gets to ruin everyone's lives get people killed but still gets Jacob and a baby? I just feel like something is missing
7/28/2014 c18 Guest
It was an okay ending, but I feel like Angela didn't get her just deserts. To me she still got everything she wanted and Leah got nothing...
7/28/2014 c18 Firefly-class
Well, I could not see this ending any other way. La push wasn't Leah's home anymore and it really wasn't ever Jayden's. Leah's pack, family and husband betrayed her and now they have to deal with the consequences.
Jacob lost his wife and his son, all for a selfish imprint that played him all along. I am not sure if I am remembering correctly but is the baby even his? Ha, that would be the ultimate irony. Poor Embry deserved better, hell the whole pack deserved a better alpha than Jacob.

I was surprised Bella refused to feel sorry for Naomi. Edward obviously is not who she thought he was...that could have been her...Bella could not even empathize. It is kind of indicative of the selfishness she displayed in the books and in this story. In my mind, Naomi haunts Edward for the rest of his undead life.

This was an emotional journey. In my mind, Jayden and Leah are headed for great things and the Cullen's and most of pack deserve to have to suffer the consequences of their choices. After all the hiding for 13 years to protect the next alpha...Jayden left and probably won't ever return. I am sure the spirits would be proud...smh.

Thanks for finishing, i honestly forgot all about this story. well done.
7/28/2014 c18 Writer. Scrittore. Ecrivain
Yes u r horrible for making us wait so long lol jk. It was good! I'm glad u didn't make Leah and Jacob and the evil wench lol friends. R u gonna make a part 2 on the kids and Leahs life? If not it was a good way to end it. Good job!
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