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3/12/2014 c5 Velmet
update please
8/30/2013 c4 AyameKitsune
More please!
8/15/2013 c3 dfbskkdfao
You like the idea of jack fainting don't you? ;)
Like in We Can Help he fainted a lot :(
Oh well! I acctually love how you write your stories and how you wrote bunny's accent! It's like I read it with an Aussie accent :)
OMG, say 'good eye might' it sounds like g'day mate :)
I love how bunnymund's so caring for Jack, just like- awhh :) *smiles from unspoken cuteness* :3
And you A/N at the end :') "we'll find out in the next chapter of... Whatever this is :')
I love whatever this is :)
I think I spend longer writing review then I do writing FanFics :)
8/15/2013 c3 AyameKitsune
This is awesome. More please!
5/23/2013 c2 8Comedic Soldier
That was really good sweet fluff. I do have an I idea for a chapter when the guardians take off jacks huddy and find the scars or he gets beat up by some other sprits. Also read the story Scars by fuzzykitty01 really good it where bunny does more than hit jack at Easter. Again really good one shot.
4/2/2013 c2 50Magiccatprincess
lol what was Jamie thinking trying to trick a trickster? good update!
4/1/2013 c2 7MessengerAngel
Aw this is cute! And u r right, Jack probably would've been depressed. Why don't you delve deeper into jacks depression and show how Jamie helped Jack get out of it? Maybe Jamie accidentally sees one of jacks cuts and asks him about it? Also can you check out my story Guardian Angel and leave a suggestion for the next chapter because im having writers block xP
4/1/2013 c1 50Magiccatprincess
Great story, I really like how you wrote Jack's view
4/1/2013 c1 7MessengerAngel
Nice start ! How come you seem to always make Jack suicidal though? O.o
3/31/2013 c1 1TheFairyTailFreak
Nice start! Would DEFINITELY love to hear more! :)
3/31/2013 c1 AyameKitsune
More please!

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