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for Tall, Dark and Deadly

9/13 c22 lola-cullen-salvatore
This story was soooo sweet I loved it. And bella was awesome, just the right amount of mean and sweet.
8/21 c4 adores.dylan
This is one of the classics! I’m on my 3rd time over the course of a few years (
7/15 c23 L-Anne Cullen
I was hoping you had written the sequel. This story needs one! Loved Felix!
7/11 c1 Guest
the ending is the best
5/29 c7 andrewpine
He may be able to hide her,but when Aro reads that idiot Carlisle the jig will be up as they say.
5/15 c23 1avidfan
This story is great. I enjoyed it so much. I would love to read more About Bella’s new life with the Volturi.
4/4 c23 hstevens08161
i fucking loved it ;)
3/16 c23 Kristina777
This is a great story. Thank you for sharing.
12/30/2018 c23 8Paul'sWolfGirl2016
I just have one thing to say...OH MY FUCKING GOD! I LOVE IT ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. the only negative thing I have to say is it should be longer!
12/17/2018 c23 5supergirl superman
this is great ive read it 3 times you should make a sequeal
12/1/2018 c23 KarukMomma
Definitely enjoyed this story. There aren't enough Bella/Felix, Demetri, or Other Volturi, let alone completed. Thanks for writing and sharing. :)
9/19/2018 c23 marymoore3686
9/14/2018 c14 celajwhitney
i keep reading this again when i need something lite and this is the best!
9/10/2018 c23 Guest
Hey,just wanted to let you know that I have been going through your stories,started with the first. I’m presently reading,Happy Valley. You really are quite talented,all your stories have such personality and odd bits of humor! I’ve really enjoyed your stories so far and look forward to any new ones you might write! Just wanted to let you know your hard work was appreciated! Good Luck!

7/28/2018 c23 5CoSmO333
love this story so much and I appreciate you sharing it with us I love the expanded Felix and it was such a funny story I couldn't stop
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