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7/12/2020 c14 93Book girl fan
I’ve just spent my entire morning reading this, too absorbed in it to remember to do anything else, and it was absolutely worth it. I loved it.
8/15/2019 c14 4Tandy Sandman
I love this story. It is so so well written and inventive. I loved the intricacies of it and the conflicted emotions. It just a brilliant story. Thank you so much for all your hard work!
3/11/2015 c14 roseozhrin1
Wow! This was an absolutely AMAZING story!

It was totally in character, the pacing was extremely well done, the plot grabbed and held completely; to the point that I was up literally half the night reading, and the way the plot was resolved was at once appropriate, heartbreaking, and yet, uplifting as well.

Thank you for one of the best stories, in my unhumble opinion, that I've ever read!
3/12/2013 c10 Guest
I love watching all these pieces coming together a little at a time. So many little details I had forgotten from the first time I read this. I love getting to see it all over again as it plays out in my mind while reading.

I do believe at this point I'm going to have to quit pretending to work and just sit here glued to these chapters. ;)
3/11/2013 c9 Guest
lol Yes! Everything seems better with coffee, even the apocalypse.

I am still in awe how perfectly you keep the characters in character while doing the same for the OC's and their personalities as well. You have a gift for bringing all of the characters to life in a way that makes me feel as if I know them personally. It is brilliant and incredibly engaging.

Uh, oh. Looks like Bashir is in a bit of trouble. *hurries to click to next chapter*
3/10/2013 c8 24Azolean
Here is where I want to say "Poor _". But there are just too many of them. hehehe

Again, your development of characters and their insights to the events occurring all around them is just fantastic. The comparison between Inara and Kira I especially enjoy in my mind. Same fight, totally different perspectives; and so very easy to empathize with both of them.
3/10/2013 c7 Azolean
The Gidari continue to fascinate me with every chapter. They're obsession with ensuring no evidence is left behind seems to have no bounds. Maybe I'm just cruel, but Grant's self-inflicted issues give it a sort of karmic balance to me that I can appreciate.

I love the details you add in the research of the Gidari poisons and the technical details of the sabotage. Inara is a character I absolutely love. She and Maylon really come alive to me. Despite all his flaws, I really do like Maylon. I'm not sure if that's really a good thing or not. hehehe

Of course, the rest of the OC cast you've employed are just as enjoyable. Now I'll shut up and get back to reading. lol
3/10/2013 c6 Azolean
I enjoy the way the clues lead to the killer a little piece at a time and how so many become suspect all at once. The ongoing conflict with the Gidari leaves one questioning repeatedly what they will stir up next. The confrontation between Grant and Bashir was fantastic.

Your flawless style and eye for detail leaves me in awe. And I'm hooked from the first chapter to the last. Thank you again for all the time, effort, and creativity that go into each of these.
2/28/2013 c5 Azolean
The Gidari are a fantastic addition that have me absolutely enthralled. The minute details you've added regarding their appearance make my vision of them quite vivid. The ritual you described both in the last chapter and completed in this one was both horrific and intriguing.

The various elements and complex pieces of the plot are thoroughly enjoyable. I love watching how this story is coming together as I get to re-read it all over again for the first time in so long. Despite knowing where it all ends, seeing it forming is just as enjoyable as the first time.
2/27/2013 c4 Azolean
I love the way the characters play off each other here.

I find Maylon to be an especially realistic character. His personality is anything but one-dimensional. I truly enjoy and appreciate the fact that your OC's are just as alive to me in my mind as the canon characters.
2/25/2013 c3 Azolean
Again, I am in awe of how well you captured all of the characters' personalities in each of these chapters. This chapter here especially rang true of the characters I remember from the series.

Also, I wanted to mention how much I love the way you highlight the numerous pieces of this intricate plot in this chapter. So many things going on all at once, and so many of them tied together. It seems like quite a juggling act, and is incredibly engaging.
2/21/2013 c2 Azolean
I love the way you keep the story flowing from one scene to the next here in this second chapter.

The way you spin the tale a piece at a time building, slowly putting the pieces together is a wonderful touch I thoroughly enjoy. Bashir's story is a sad one that tugs at the heart. The picture of him as an abandoned child listed dead by his own father inspires mental images that make me just want to hug him. lol

The humor that was tossed about a bit in the beginning of the chapter was a great opening that I enjoyed; especially when contrasted with the murder at the end. I love the varied elements and characters you weave together with such detail.
2/20/2013 c1 Azolean
This was a fantastic opening that tantalizes the reader. It leaves us begging for more and oh so many questions!

The interplay between characters speaks very true. You have a wonderful style of writing. Despite knowing where this is going, I am again enthralled and can't wait to click to the next chapter.
1/6/2013 c14 Hejjhej
This is a great story.
7/2/2012 c1 Guest
this story was really good. I liked it as much as Pain of Memory. I read that first. With friends like Maylon who needs enemies. Good job.
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