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8/28/2013 c2 TheProposal1
aw! like it! more supermartian! PD : this is good"
6/14/2013 c3 17Hezpeller
This story's very interesting! I like the AU you've built here, and I can't wait to read more!
4/30/2013 c3 4Speedstress
4/30/2013 c2 Speedstress
awww, Megs!
4/29/2013 c1 Speedstress
heh heh, foreplay...
4/29/2013 c3 Hybrid301
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4/29/2013 c3 8PopCulturist
Great as usual. The little hints and eater egss you leave is a nice touch. Good luck with collge shopping for your sister. CAn't wait till the next chapter/
4/29/2013 c3 anon
Alright she shashayed her wide hips
4/29/2013 c3 4Irenerb
Love it
4/28/2013 c3 Hahahaha8D
This chapter brought back memories. I liked this chapter alot. Can't wait for an update.
4/28/2013 c3 40Kamil the Awesome
Loved the chapter. Also, what colleges?

...and now I feel like a creep...
4/13/2013 c2 BigfanB
Will u plz update i love this idea and its goin in a good direction
4/4/2013 c1 22tigrun
are you going to make zatanna in it or any couple for dick
4/3/2013 c2 3rabiosas
Omg I freaking love College AU's! There aren't enough :( I'm really hoping to see Zatanna soon :D I LOVE THIS PLEASE UPDATE
4/3/2013 c2 Guest
Loved it! Although I never really paid much attention to Conner and M'gann's relationship (compared to Wally and Artemis') I still loved the chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
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