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2/13/2015 c18 12DancingHikari
Hey, it's been a while! I was in a DC mood, so I read this chapter, and it's cute! I hope Sandy and Angel will be official, and I can't wait for JJ's next adventure!
1/2/2015 c18 6HamatoDani27
OOOOHHHHHH! Please keep updating! This is sooooo awesome! XD
10/18/2014 c17 18agemoniobelen
Yey ! Conti. Conti !
10/7/2014 c17 6HamatoDani27
Ooohhh Im loving this! Keep it coming!
10/3/2014 c17 19AfricanAmazon
It's good that you're back, no internet can be a nightmare. Most of us have not been on in a while. Some have school or went to certain events and such.
10/2/2014 c17 12DancingHikari
Hey, glad you're back! I really missed this story, but I'm glad that it's back along with you! :) I'm still on Dancing Diamond if you're interested in what you missed. I'm a senior in high school, so I really need to focus on that, but I still think of my story every day. I'm happy that you didn't give up and still continued on writing!

As for this chapter, this is really great! I'm looking forward to more of the story!
1/19/2014 c1 Guest
Hey I found a story with a girl named loca and her friend chrystalite can you make one with a girls sleepover I wanna see how misscutekitten re- acts I don't own character can I borrow thanks .
9/22/2013 c16 Guest
Write more and update and also add glitch and hi-def to it cause on one of the chapters glitch said"next time we meet in a club like this were having a dance battle" then he walk away and so update later is so please
8/20/2013 c16 DancingHikari
This is getting interesting! Angela's grandmother made me laugh for her slapping his butt. XD I'm wondering what condition she has as well. Update soon! :)
7/24/2013 c15 Guest
This is actually the only fan fic i want to read and finish...So pleaseeeeeee keep updating. I NEED MOREEEE! I can't wait till she trains with Hi def
7/22/2013 c15 DancingHikari
Yay, you're back! I loved JJ's bi moment there, so funny. XD The future conflict between Angel and Sandy is getting me excited for the next update, and I'm excited for Oblio to appear. It's a must for giving him the love in here! Update soon! :D
7/19/2013 c1 Guest
Omg! Please update! The suspense! COME ON UPDATE UPDATE PLEASEEE! I know everyone is busy but...MERP! Just asap pleeeeeeaaaasse
7/17/2013 c1 1anju-theglitcher12
omg. the suspense is killing me please update the story
6/15/2013 c14 anju-theglitcher12
keep writing I love this story
6/15/2013 c14 12DancingHikari
Woo-hoo! Mayumi's back! :) This chapter's fun, since we're about to head into Lu$h crew arc. I'll be waiting. :)
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