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5/14/2013 c2 1Violet Lylybelle
This is fantastic! It's awesome the way you've gotten into Shane's inner turmoil and captured it so well. His character was a great tragic hero, and made the storyline so much better. Keep it up, please!
4/24/2013 c2 16elektralyte
I love the TellTale game, almost more than I love the show and comics. Seriously, I cried like a big old baby at the end. I almost couldn't finish playing.

Lilly has a lot in common with Shane. Even though they are both strong, they've been so damaged by this world. Btw, I too think Lilly is the same Lilly from the comics, so whatever Kirkman ;D

Hope you continue this story!
4/8/2013 c1 11kendrat199
"Ya know, me and your dad always use to talk about what we'd give ya when we got older. He wanted to give ya his hat, I wanted to give ya something you could still wear on a date." Shane chuckled softly then smiled, he brushed some hair out of Carl's face. "I know your not mine, neither is ya momma, but that never stopped me from loving y'all like you were my own." That..that was honestly amazing. It captured who Shane was (at least in my opinion) that made him a tragic hero. He loved Carl like his own, whether he was misguided by Lori or himself, that bit was at least true. This was so great! Thank you so much for writing this. Write more please!

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