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for The Solution : Family Binds

6/9/2013 c3 3sage-kkm
what is the point of making katherine have damons kids?
6/9/2013 c3 nonameistoolong
What's the Mrs. going to say indeed... I really hope she relieved enough that he's alive so that he doesn't have to go sleep on the couch. I sort of wish he'd take Bonnie, and her family with him too, I feel like it would be the start of healing with Bonnie and the rest of the group. I hope that you're feeling better now; I'd rather have you updating once and a while for a long time to come then everyday while you're sick. Update Soon!
6/9/2013 c3 22DarylDixon'sLover
Love it xx
6/9/2013 c3 1Nat-Nat 360
Poor Rebekah.
6/7/2013 c2 Guest
6/3/2013 c2 steph
Hope you continue with this read the first part and loved it.
6/2/2013 c2 Guest
PLEASE save me from all the delena crap! I rely on your tories to block out the garbage (lol)
5/28/2013 c2 Guest
I was a hardcore Klaroline shipper until I started reading your stories , I don't know where the inspiration comes from but you have totally converted me! I just recently finished reading RESTART and just WOW, I have no other words. I look forward to reading more from you.
5/28/2013 c2 Guest
I know your probably busy or whatnot but if you could update ANY of your stories that would be great.
5/24/2013 c2 8TinkStar87
LOVE this series and hope it gets an update soon ;)
5/20/2013 c2 Guest
DAMN WHAT A CLIFFHANGER! Please update soon
5/19/2013 c2 Jo
I loved 'The Solution' and was so pleased when you uploaded the sequel. Have to admit I didn't really like the ending of this chapter though- you left it as a cliffhanger and I really want to know what happens next! I hope Elijah keeps his word to Damon, and that Damon will be alright- I hope he wakes up and kicks Kol's ass, and then proceeds to do the same to Klaus. I've just been re-reading 'The Solution' and you mentioned that there would be two twists with Katherine's pregnancy- one was obviously Damon being the father and not Stefan, but I was wondering if you've already mentioned the other and I haven't realised it was the second twist, or if you've forgotten about it (not likely, I know!) or if it's coming up soon? I can't wait to read the next chapter so I hope you update soon! :)
Btw, I love all your stories- I think they are fantastic and you're a great writer; you always seem to understand the characters and your storylines are always interesting. So if you don't update this story soon then I won't mind at all if you update another one! Keep up the good work!
5/3/2013 c1 Olicityfan
When do we get another update!? Pls update soon
4/23/2013 c2 Guest
Oslo cliffhanger! Love it, please update ASAP! :)
4/23/2013 c2 khloe
No! Hate kole! Please write more as fast as u can!
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