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9/2/2013 c15 9Yugioh13
This is one of the first Kick-Ass stories I've read and I'd have to say that I absolutely loved it! It was really funny and action packed! Angelina is awesome! Also her sarcasm is pretty funny! I also loved all of your movie references that you threw in randomly XD Laughed my head off when you mentioned the Incredibles thing with the cape; that's almost exactly what I yelled when I saw the movie a few weeks ago (yeah I just saw the first one recently and I'm hoping to see the sequel soon) I'm gonna start reading your sequel soon, can't wait to see what happens between her and Chris! That ending with her and Chris kept me at the edge of my seat! Can't wait for more!
8/27/2013 c2 3BreeLand
I really like Angel and I think that Chris and her are so cute together! Awwwww! I really love this chapter. (I just love your story!)
8/27/2013 c1 BreeLand
I really love your story! I just started tonight and I'm going to try to finish it before I go to bed. This is absolutely amazing. :) Love, love, love!
8/19/2013 c14 1Mikado X Goddess
love it!
7/2/2013 c9 76Kenn.Faith.Dawn
awesome story so far just one small question the top line 'with great power comes great responsibility' wasn't that said by zordon in power rangers?
5/16/2013 c14 50Rurrlock-God of Power
Really great way to end the story. It does make it better that Angelina didn't end up with Chris, in the end, he has been brought up by his mobster father, even with his comic books he wasn't always going to be right for her. They are two different people that fight for different causes, and I love how you emphasised that in this chapter.

Overall, awesome story. Good action, lots of fun to read, the writing improved with every chapter, and the main character was pretty likeable. Nice work. Can't wait to see the sequel. Good luck.
5/8/2013 c13 Rurrlock-God of Power
Another really great chapter, and an awesome cliffhanger. Wonder how this will go? Can't wait to find out.
5/5/2013 c13 2AlexLunaaah
-_- you totally left off in the good part! Lol
5/5/2013 c13 3DevilToBeLoved
What?! What?! I want more so much you have no idea! I can't wait- good job!
5/5/2013 c13 CarmenSuperDuper
Whoa! What a cliffhanger, the suspense is seriously killing me. That was a great chapter!
Honestly, I was skeptic about reading your fanfiction in the beginning, but it turned out good.
I couldn't stop reading it!
Can't wait for the last chapter, and how you are going to write the sequel. :-)
5/1/2013 c12 2AlexLunaaah
Feelings just made the whole thing more complicated. But Angelina has to get pay back!
5/1/2013 c12 50Rurrlock-God of Power
Another really good chapter. Eagerly looking forward to see how this is going to end, especially with Angelina, wishing you the best of luck, I know the next chapters are going to be great :)
4/30/2013 c12 3DevilToBeLoved
I love this story so much! You stay true to the way things are while having your own twist on them! Keep it up.
4/27/2013 c11 50Rurrlock-God of Power
Another great chapter, can't wait to see how this will pan out towards the conclusion of the story.

As for the sequel, and whatever you want to do with Angelina and the characters...do what you want to do. You don't have to follow the same pattern as the comic or film, and whatever happens to those characters shouldn't also have to happen to her as well. At the same time, try not to let other people tell you how to write your story or characters, do what you would like to write about. You could think of all kinds of different scenarios and ideas to play with. Have fun with it :)

Nice chapter, best of luck with the next chapters.
4/26/2013 c11 3DevilToBeLoved
My feelings are out the roof right now! I'm so excited to read more! I love, love, loved this chapter!
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