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for A Second Chance!

11/21/2021 c8 Guest
Wish you would give us the last chapter.
8/7/2005 c8 3Callaway Queen
Can we please get the final chappie? pretty please with a cherry on top?
3/27/2005 c8 Carrie Lehmann
I like the way you did the plot of the story. I just hope tat the final chapter will have chris and tc getting married and living happily ever after in chris's home and tc getting a job in seattle at the station
1/19/2004 c8 Kristi
I was really into this story. It sorta gives you a glimpse of what life after the show might've been like. I was feeling it until the last couple of chapters and the reason being that I'm more of a fan of the TC/Cory relationship over the TC/Chris relationship. It isn't the most well written story but it holds the readers interest. If I could make a suggestion, I'd like to see more description in the characters actions. And if you would separate each persons commentary, it would be a lot easier to follow. Just some suggestions I thought I'd throw in. Otherwise, very good job.
11/5/2003 c8 16Kristin4
Hey this is a good chapter! they kissed how sweet. Okay they need to get re-married or something because they are the cutest and they belong together. Great chapter... Keep up the good work.
10/27/2003 c1 BRINAUSMC
your story is really good. i like they way the way that you set up the plot for each chapter. i only wish people would read my fanfic
10/19/2003 c8 9pitaqueen
This is a great story I can't wait for the next chapter. This is a great story line, and I think you can take this many places. Thanks for updating!
10/17/2003 c8 myu182
This is heartbreaking, love the aprt where TC was so hapyy bout the kids but, the chat between TC and Cory was sad, really sad to b exacted, i hope cory could get a new life with julia (maybe Will too). I hope the last chapter will be long. k CIAO!
10/14/2003 c8 17Chiquinta
Whoot! I just hope Cory is left alone...again. Sigh.

But Chris and Tc need to get together. I NEED WAFF!
10/14/2003 c8 Maartje
Dude, you worked and you slaved away at this thing and what came out is a finely shaped diamond (now that is sucky upy ;) Nah, you're brilliant as ever, and you had better go and write that next chapter cause I want a happily ever after!
9/6/2003 c7 myu182
HAS TIME BEEN FROZEN IN TIME?no pacific blue stories updated...something is wrong. plz hryy glory, my excitement for this story is wearin down.
8/23/2003 c7 Callaway Queen
hey when is the next chapter coming i cant wait anymore please please please hurry and update soon. please...
7/31/2003 c7 16Kristin4
I love this story! Update it soon! Yay she finally told TC the truth!
7/13/2003 c1 3Callaway Queen
hey when is chapter 8 coming.? i'm really anxious to read it. and for t.c to tell cory off so he can go on living wiht his wife and kids. :P
7/11/2003 c7 Callaway Queen
hey what's up?this is like the 7th time i've read these 7 chapters cause they r so great...well anything wiht t.c and chris is great cause they make such a good couple and great parents. when is chapter 8 coming and chapter 9 and so on and so on. come on this story is sweet.keep on writing i cant wait to see how it turns out.

callaway queen.
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