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8/13/2014 c4 Cougar2k2
A very spectacular story so far. I do hope you continue it soon. It's very different from most of the stories on here with is a refreshing change of pace. Very much looking forward to the next chapter and future chapters!
4/5/2013 c1 Myra
I was exspecting something good from my little fanfiction but nah I'm doing someing else
4/3/2013 c1 2wg12290
kinda different but not bad at all. would like the other stories more, but this is welcome too. keep up the good work.
4/3/2013 c1 Zimbabwebamboozled
Well dang, Frost! You just don't quit, do you? I wish I had your work ethic and I might actually update my own story more often.

As always, this chapter shows how much of an amazing writer you are, filled with a high volume of description and words that seem to, I dunno if this is the right word, but "flow" together nicely. There aren't many areas where I notice choppiness.

It's a sad chapter, though, and it leaves me wanting more! I'll have to look at that artwork when I'm on an actual PC to see if any of my questions get answered. I also noticed you have four character tags. Do they let you do that now?
4/3/2013 c1 6Alya Spruce
:( So sad. I'm sorry for those two. I really am.

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