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11/27/2013 c7 KiwiClover
This is such a refreshingly creative storyline! I love the concept of 'the bond' that you explore throughout this story and the accompanying series of one-shots. In my opinion, too many stories out there, in an effort to make the relationship between Jamie and Jack more intense, insist upon adding *romance* between them...which frankly seems to run counter to the whole idea of the Guardians of Childhood, to me. Your story highlights their relationship without muddying it like that (Don't get me wrong - in the right place, slash can be great...I just don't see it in this particular fandom, with these characters) so I'm really loving how you're choosing to explore their bond.

ANYWAY, I digress. I just wanted to tell you that I'm really enjoying this story; how you've imagined Jack's relationship with his first believer, how you're weaving the plot, and the unique quirks to the abilities of the immortals... all fascinating. I really hope you continue this soon! Thanks for sharing! :)
10/8/2013 c7 89Bookworm Gal
Intriguing... I would like to see more soon, please.
9/3/2013 c7 1isi7140
I knew that they were doing something warped to the kidnapped kids...
This is very interesting and I'm excited to see what happens next!
7/15/2013 c7 6Hiddensecret564
A boy in the casket?! I love how protective Jack was of Jamie in that last bit! Please update!
6/30/2013 c6 32obsessive360
What choice have the Guardians?
5/26/2013 c6 6Nathalorial
This chapter.


This chapter.

I fucking love you now.

It's awesome.
5/25/2013 c6 RockMafia93
And the plot thickens. Glad the monsters have a name now. Oh boy. I can so see a fight brewing between Jamie and Jack. "I'm GOING!" "Like hell you are!" ...Yeah. Like that.
5/16/2013 c5 smallvillephantom14
Loved the chapter!

So pitch is back then?
5/15/2013 c5 Nathalorial
FINALLY They think about Pitch! I was wondering how long it would take them, lol. The Nightmares are scared of those things, so Pitch must have some kind of inkling as to what's going on, plus it seemed the Nightmares were trying to tell North something, but he wasn't listening.
5/15/2013 c5 RockMafia93
"The Boogeyman." Hmm interesting. I'll be interested to see where this goes. It'd be totally annoying if someone could read my thoughts and feel my emotions. I do like the Jack protectiveness though. It's sweet. You mess with Jamie and Jack will kick your ass.
5/12/2013 c4 RockMafia93
Whoo, not good. O.o Can't wait to see what happens next!
5/5/2013 c4 1Topaz Skye
I seriously love this fic. You've carefully left quite a lot of mystery in here, especially surrounding the enemy. It's really captivating and well written, I cannot wait till you update again :)
4/29/2013 c4 3Nemo the Mermaid
Bunny being over protective of Sophie is quite adorable, I also feel sorry for Jamie as he can't stay in touch with his family as regularly as he seems to want to :l I wonder what Sophie wanted to tell him, and also what the black sand was doing to the Globe! Excitied to see what is revealed in the next chapter! :)

Vivi Bright
4/28/2013 c4 smallvillephantom14
Well that's really not good...

Poor Jamie and Jack. All they want to do is go to bed :(

Loved the chapter though! Can't wait for the next one! Update soon!
4/19/2013 c3 RockMafia93
Uh oh! Poor Jamie. That kid nearly got it. Good thing Jack was there. Ohhh Jack, why must you antagonize everyone? Lol. I loved the line about Tooth. That one was hilarious. "She'd be DROWNING you in mouthwash!" XD
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