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4/19/2013 c3 3Nemo the Mermaid
Very good chapter! :) I'm really intrigued now as to what powers the entities hold to be able to make Jamie lose his senses? I like the little bit of comedy at the end where Bunnymund is not a happy bunny :L Hoping to see another chapter soon! :)

Vivi Bright
4/18/2013 c3 smallvillephantom14
well... Bunny's pissed off...
4/6/2013 c2 smallvillephantom14
WHAT! you cant end it there! man I hate Cliffys...

Anyway loved the chapter! Please update sooon!
4/5/2013 c2 Nemo the Mermaid
From what I've gathered, I take it Jamie has had to leave home to avoid suspicion? I haven't noticed and spelling or gramatical errors so far so no need to worry there! :) I can't wait to find out what happens between Jack and the dementor-like entity!

Vivi Bright
4/4/2013 c1 6Nathalorial
Hey! I finally read all through what you have so far of The Bond, and then through this.

I love how it grabs my attention at the very beginning and holds me all through it. If I may though, how old is Jamie really, while stuck physically at ten or eleven? And how does his mom deal with Jamie seeming to not age at all? Surely she'd notice it by now, as well as the people around Burgess who know him (i.e. the people in the movie asking "Is that Jamie Bennett?" when Jamie went sledding down the ice before losing his tooth)?

I won't click 'follow story' on here for the simple reason of keeping my email free (and the fact I never check email anyways, so it would be pointless). But it is in my favorites bar of fanfic that I DO check each day )
4/4/2013 c1 smallvillephantom14
I loved it! Please update soon!

4/4/2013 c1 3Nemo the Mermaid
Firstly, I must praise you on your writing skills and vocabulary, some stories I've read are sometimes hard to follow but I was able to understand this and I also enjoyed the amount of detail! It was a really good way to start off the story, makes me intrigued to see what's going to happen next! :) hopefully I'll be seeing an update soon.

Vivi Bright
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