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12/21/2017 c34 krazycat101
i wish you could have finished but i like how you did summerys of the other years so we could get an idea of how the rest of the school went
12/3/2016 c25 Guest
Lock Down
12/8/2015 c34 3Chardaine Rose
I like the plot, the 'shadows' are scary, the notebook thing is a great idea, and all. Although there are some events in the story that I really disagree. Hermione did mention to Ron and Harry at HP4 that muggle gadgets do not work at Hogwarts because of the magic that surrounds the castle, so a camcorder would surely not work. It's a bit confusing, though. Why would JK Rowling made Hermione said that when in fact, a camera does work? Then the one I am really confused about is the mindset between Jack and Rapunzel. You did mention in the summary of your story that it's their year 1&2, so I pictured them out as their younger selves. However, a 'young' version while thinking like an adult is quite uncomfortable to me. As young as they are, like, 11 or 12, they should be innocent with the like, love and all, and I think it's applicable to year 3 or more. My main point here is, at that age, you should have wrote them as innocent young children. Or, if you could not wait to reveal Jack and Rapunzel's feelings, then a timeskip would have been appropriate, like, at first chapter, you describe how they first met and how they became friends. Then at chap2, you skipped at "3 years later" or "5 years later". Be mindful that the age and the mindset should not contradict with each other.
6/6/2015 c1 Guest
4/3/2015 c34 voldemort
That ending was amazing, everything was straight to the point and I actually liked it. I am happy that you at least made an effort to end it and not just leave it hanging.
3/7/2015 c34 stechira
awesome end,would have been better if u had time to make the story. Hope things get better for u and u can return to right "making magic: the new generation of big four". Although I am a big fan of jackunzel, liamrapunzel was so cool and they would have made a good couple. Thanks for not leaving the story hanging,keep writing more awesome stories. From: your new and best fan stechira
3/5/2015 c34 18LoveGarden22
Great story, would've loved to see it continue. Oh well.
3/2/2015 c34 3kairi196
I want to tell you that I loved your story. I'm a huge Jackunzel fan so you made me suffer in this final chapter hahaha. I want to thank you for letting us know how the story ends. I thought you would never update again and I just kept wondering about the ending. So seriously, thank you for letting us know. I hope that you are surrounded with love and peace in whatever it is you're going through. You can do it! Keep up being creative and follow your passion and your dreams. You are a great writer. Don't give up! You are strong and good enough! Thank you for the amazing time I had reading this wonderful story :)
1/3/2015 c33 Rosie Rose
This is AMAZING! well too me , you should continue, high school is hard , im in the same situation,only without having to write a fanfic. You shouldn't let yourself down by saying it wasn't a good chapter because most of the time they are awesome! anyway I hope you come back!
12/9/2014 c33 2HappyBlue36
So it's been a few months since you've updated. Do you think you could update soon? PLEASE!?
11/16/2014 c33 1Red Rosiecals
Please update this is a really good story!
8/29/2014 c33 Guest
This story is adorable! *fangirl squeal*
The mericcup and jackunzel are a nice touch not too overbearing like most stories really refreshing. I'm personally disapointed in myself for not finding this story sooner! *faceplam*
Awesome storyline and great build up! Here we have another epic fics about this four lovely heroes! Thanks for writing this! Hope to read more in the future!
7/23/2014 c10 Sapo S.B
LOVE IT ! LOVE IT !.LOVE IT !.Please write more :-)
7/20/2014 c33 Daughter of 221b
7/14/2014 c33 moondrop
Wowee! I love this particular Big Four Hogwarts AU so much! I enjoyed every chapter very much really, so don't say it's crappy or anything because they most certainly aren't even if they do have some typos here and there sometimes but who cares the story it's absolutely brilliant! And i love how you write, not a single word was a chore for me to read! I just enjoyed it entirely really! This chapter was so sweet i'm so glad Jack is happy again and has made up with Rapunzel! Go Jackunzel! :" Please keep writing you're so awesome at it! And hope you update soon!
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