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1/28 c8 AGreen2222
This was really fun to read! I would love to see an update, but since it’s been over ten years, that’s probably not going to happen, sadly.
2/28/2023 c8 eliprinss124
I loved it I hope you update soon I will be looking forward to the next chapter
4/26/2020 c8 Daughter Nile
Don't mind about a chapter being too long. Especially if it's this interesting for readers. : We just consider it a treat. ️ Please continue with this one. I see alot of potential
6/26/2019 c8 slvrphoenx
Oh wow this is great. I love how Kagome and Steve met. It is so a Kagome thing to ditch her bodyguards. I would love to read the next chapter. Hopefully you will continue this story.
12/31/2018 c8 2cloudless midnight
please update sooon ! iluv it ! i haven't read much of steve x kagome before .. but this is reallly goood !
5/23/2018 c8 sgwhite68
I love this story will you be counting it what will happen
2/6/2018 c8 1Trinabear
Wow I can just see it now, two muscular guys standing next to Steve, holding plates and chopsticks, stuffing themselves while watching Kagome blow her top at Inuyasha. In a small Japanese restuarant. Classic. Ever see the James Bond film “Live And Let Die?” The part where James Bond goes to America to Harlem to a small restaurant called Fillet of Soul and his every move is tracked from the time he leaves the airport till he walks into the restaurant makes me think of how Kagome gets tracked sometimes by Sesshomaru and Inuyasha. They seem to know where she goes before she even knows. How ridiculous is that? Lol. Can’t wait to read the outcome of the argument. I hope Steve can take Kagome to Stark Tower because I think the beans about him are going to be spilled real soon. I just hope that Kagome doesn’t think that Steve was sent there by Sesshomaru to be more protection or some such rot. That would be terrible.
3/20/2017 c8 Wicked.Onna
God it was just getting so good you need to return and update
7/19/2016 c8 2Deadpool-girl
Loved the story so far and can't wait to read more. Please update soon.
9/25/2015 c8 23HalfBlackWolfDemon
Omg, this is hysterical and perfect and I loved every chapter! Hahaha! Pure perfection! I can just imagine all of this happening like a well-made movie! 8D

9/2/2015 c8 54KaeterinaRomanov
I love this story! can't wait to see where it goes! Please update again soon!
11/30/2014 c8 Guest
'Osuwari'... that command never gets old. Please update.
11/30/2014 c7 Guest
Inuyasha is loyal, but still an ass. I wish Kagome would meet the rest of the Avengers
11/30/2014 c6 Guest
Their connection is fascinating
11/30/2014 c5 Guest
So cute... if only you had the will to update
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