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for The Case of the Soul Society

6/10/2015 c24 MewLover
I've just finished reading the stories up to this point, and I must say I enjoyed it.
The fights were rather detailed and the level of it impressed me.
The characters from each respective series that you have used seemed to be in character. I loved the drama, the tension, the arguing, the raw emotion of it all.
And Kairi, she's one hell of a woman; a great fighter, an independent young woman, a loving person, and a loving friend. Hiei and Kairi eh? Hehehehe, that is a rather impressive pairing that you've managed pull off. Well done
5/16/2014 c24 Guest
Please Get Kairi Knocked up. Baby is Going to be 50% Demon, 25% Human, and 25% Saiyan.
5/16/2014 c24 General Warthog
That was as hot as ever. Cant wait for the next story. Will you be keeping the bleach characters around for the three kings saga?
5/8/2014 c23 General Warthog
Good luck with finals. Mine are in 2 weeks. Good chapter.
5/8/2014 c23 Guest
Glad you got better. Don't push yourself
5/8/2014 c22 Guest
You are aware Janembma would kill them all with ease. Right? Kari as a Super saiyan would still be a Ant compared to him
5/6/2014 c22 General Warthog
Amazing Chapter!
5/3/2014 c21 General Warthog
I think its cool you made janemba the antagonist. That dude is a freakin beast. It took gogeta to beat him. I wonder if they'll have to use fusion for him again? Can't wait.
4/29/2014 c21 Guest
4/29/2014 c20 Guest
Super perfect Cell could easily destroy a portions of a solar system
4/29/2014 c20 Logic
I dont get it. You Nerfed Dragonball Z and you nefed Yu Yu Hakusho. A Single Lower S Class Human or Demon From Yu Yu hakusho should Outclass Everyone in Bleach. It was stated A Low S Class is powerful enough to Destroy the Earth in terms of Physical or/and Energy based attacks.

I would put Yammato, The Head Captain close Lower S Class in Yu Yu Hakusho class rank.

While the Captain Level Combants from bleach range from Lower A Class to Upper A Class.

The lieutenant level combantants are B Class

Thrid Seats level combants: Upper C Class

Seats Level combants/Average Soul Reaper: Upper D Class to Middle C Class

Yu Yu Hakusho Spirit Classlass and Dragonball Z power Level:

Beyond S Class: Over 3,000,000

Upper S Class: 200,000 and higher

Middle S Class: 100,000 and Higher

Lower S Class: close and around 20,000 and higher

Upper A Class: 8000 and Higher

Middle A Class: 4000 and higher

Lower A Class: Around or close to 1500 and Higher

Upper B Class: Around or close to Around 800 and higher.

Middle B Class: 400 and higher

Lower B Class: 150 and higher

C Class: 60 and higher

D Class: 30 and Higher

E Class: 1 and Higher
4/29/2014 c19 Guest
In a matter a fact why did Hiei left Her in the first place?
4/19/2014 c20 General Warthog
Excellent. It seems you're starting to update frequently. I have this story bookmarked and i usually check it every other night before i go to bed. As for the fight scenes, i don't mind the shortness because i know how difficult writing long fight scenes can be. The dialogue makes up for it. That was some genuine dialogue between yusuke, bardock and frieza. I could see that really happening. Same for yusuke vs freiza.
4/10/2014 c1 General Warthog
forgot to put my name on that last comment.
4/10/2014 c19 Guest
Good chapter. Kenpachi is captain of squad 11 tho. Squad 4 is the medic squad. Also can you explain why buu is still evil? Like i said before the good buu and evil buu split and the good buu helped goku and vegeta defeat kid buu. For his heroics they let him live on earth with hercule and videl. The evil side of buu was reincarnated into a good human named uub who became goku's student at the very end of dbz. The only way i can see buu still evil and still listening to babidi(who he killed btw) is if babidi reunited with his father bibidi(creator of buu) and created a new buu together or you're doing an altetnate storyline where the good buu doesnt live on earth and the evil side was never reincarnated.
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