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for The 10 Stages of Love

9/29 c15 Lyra ze Hedgie
Everything could go wrong Amy. Everything could go wrong. SO THAT’S WHY I’M JOINING YOU
9/29 c9 Lyra ze Hedgie
“It's no use saying you're sorry,“

Silver said that. Zoom in to the quote.

8/16 c15 Lyra ze Hedgie

8/16 c14 Lyra ze Hedgie
Sonic is a cancer, it’s his zodiac sign. So is mine. Cancers are supposed to know how to react to love.
8/16 c12 Lyra ze Hedgie
I just LOVE a jealous Sonic!
3/14 c8 1CherryTheRose
i remember in one of shakesperes books. "Twelfth night" the duke was mourning and they mentioned music being the food of love. so beautiful.
6/19/2018 c1 2SpeedsMyGame
Ok sis I noticed the updates for a while now what you doin?
4/13/2017 c15 SpeedsMyGame
I read this story a while ago and I loved it. Very sweet, cute, and, the best thing. about your stories, so much fun to read.
9/18/2016 c15 15starfiction123
I want to congratulate you on not only a well written and fun sonamy story filled with fun facts of sonic info only a fan would know but you broke the mode for the cliche ask friends and push love and put the real spins on it about staying true to self but humor wad added but was balanced with a realistic spin that was on point since in my OPINION u know the friend's meddling wouldn't be fair but u pointed that out nicely which was good and u kept them in character the whole way through very nicely done! You even got Sonics signature groan down! The one he did a lot in sonic boom lol so extra points on that! The kiss and ending was just tight and I loved the references of sonic unleashed,, x, and if I'm not mistaken colors hopefully? So great job! Felt like a sonic boom humor like movie!
7/3/2015 c15 Love Hammer
I can't explain how much I love this story! It's so cute and I love the humor you added into it. I just love how you seem to perfectly have all of them stay in character. And this story has now earned a spot on my top 5 fav sonamy fics :)
5/16/2015 c15 30Lilly The Omega Wolf
Awesome story.

I was really hoping for some Taiream when that hint of Cream liking tails was introduced. I think Tails and Cream go well with Amy and Sonic :)
Have you written a Taiream sequel? I'm hopeful for one as it would also allow people like me to see more of Sonic and Amy together and maybe even see Rogue get with Knuckles and Blaze get Silver.

Its nice to read a Sonic x Amy story where the way Sonic falls for her is believable and real feeling. I like how you let it flow without rushing your way though the story. Amy was also great in this. Their friends interactions were also pleasing to see and a lot of fun to read.
4/9/2015 c11 youmayneverknow
Hmm push and pull idea doesnt sound half bad...
3/22/2015 c15 Guest
I liked the plots it was really great!
I liked how you got (almost) each one of them to say something in it

Though what I think is that it shouldn't be SONAMY

That's just what I think

Probably just friends would be nice

I also like how silver was thinking about all the ways sonic wanted to say

So GREAT story!
1/21/2015 c15 8animelover5641
I just LOVED this chapter! It was a really great way to end this story! I liked how you ended this with Sonic and Amy about to give romance advice to Tails about Cream I really found it funny when Sonic made everyone think he was going to kill them when he just wants to know how to tell Amy he's sorry and that he likes her xD I also liked it when Shadow talked about love and stuff :P Leave it to him to explain something like that in such as serious way, he totally said it like it was a definition from a dictionary XD You did a really good job on ending this story with this awesome chapter! :)
1/4/2015 c15 2Nala64
This is such an amazing story! Great job! :D
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