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6/5/2019 c20 1Corellianjedi2
Thanks for all these extras! Such a great addition!
10/27/2018 c18 Guest
I want to thank you for the closure your stories brought to Instant Star for me. The show ended 10 years ago and after watching A Star Is Born I became infatuated the show again. It ended when I was 17 and I always went back to it but had forgotten how much I loved it. Thank you for continuing the story, I may not have agreed with some of the situations but I’m also a hopeless romantic who has had so little drama in her own relationship that I admit I eat it up. I’m glad I stumbled upon your stories (aside from the one where Tommy’s married, so not cool with that...haha) because I loved Tommy and Jude so much regardless of the toxicity of the relationship and always rooted for them. I wanted to write to say thank you and I that I hope you don’t stop, you’re pretty good at it and I’ve gotten reinvested in their story. Yours are the only decent fan fiction I can handle and I can hardly put the phone down (my husband isn’t thrilled but that’s what happens when I’m invested in a story!). So again, thank you and I hope to see more someday. -Jenna
9/7/2018 c2 Guest
I just noticed a plot hole!. You wrote on HB that Alex was a virgin and he first have sex with Jude. But here you write he slept with Karen when they were 17.

See ?
Their first time had been... interesting. Alex had been scared out of his mind, and it had made him hesitant and clumsy. He had denied it when she asked if he was a virgin, but his inexperience showed. It was sweet... kind of. She had tried not to think of her first time, tried not to compare... to miss...)
8/9/2018 c20 Guest
You're Back. I'm so happy, I really missed your writing . Though I am gonna be honest and say I was a little dissapointed , only cause I was hoping to see brand new content and not just Sky stuff .
I lIke that fic, don't get me wrong but I guess I can't relate to Jude and Tommy's grieving for the baby . I actually had a couple of miscarriages and never really felt that grief you know? . Like they were barely a baby to me . And I see many people who has said it takes a long time after birth to even bond with the baby.
I guess , to read how much it crushed them to lose Caroline, it feels kinda foreign?. And it reads more like an episode of a drama than a story I can relate. So I tend to prefer your other stories .

But I'm rambling here!.
Sorry. I'm just hoping you can write another stories again. Looking forward to that .
6/4/2018 c20 AR
Great chapter! It’s interesting to see how they are post rain.
6/4/2018 c20 Guest
This was such an amazing chapter. I really felt that you gave us so much information and at the same time it didn't drag. I love how you have matured the characters and that you have allowed them to be who we remember them to be. thank you
6/3/2018 c19 AR
So excited so posted! Can’t wait to see more, hopefully your inspiration comes back.
6/2/2018 c19 atthtt
Happy you are back! Looking forward to more stories when the inspiration hits
1/29/2017 c18 atthtt
another home run. Thanks for giving us this. I know you don't want to provide us with an epilogue but there is a small part of me that would love to know what happens to them in a year, 5 years, 10 years...A girl can wish.
1/29/2017 c18 AR
Thank god! I was going through withdrawals by not having you upload anymore! This was cute. Tommy and Jude will always fight, that's just how their relationship is and I love that you incorporate that into your stories.
10/6/2016 c17 AR
Very cute. It is sad though knowing what eventually happens but I enjoyed it. It's nice to see the "real" parts of their relationship.
10/6/2016 c17 tommyjude21
This was really sweet, but also really sad, for me personally with my situation, but also because we now know where this story goes. They are so happy and in love in this excerpt of the story and it's so devastating to know what happens to them later in their story. Thank you for sharing this. Looking forward to updates.
10/6/2016 c17 atthtt
Really good chapter that you can visualize happening on the show. Thanks for giving us this snipit. It could have even been added to your current story as a flashback while Jude sits patiently by Tommy's side.
9/20/2016 c16 AR
Aw that was really nice. Obviously what happened is Jude's fault but it's interesting what could have happened if Tommy just decided to go into the studio. Thanks for the AU of that chapter. Even if it's awhile in the real story until they are happy it's nice to be able to go back and read this.
9/19/2016 c16 Guest
I hope you are not implying that the full story is doomed for sadness throughout. I hope while you provide angst you remember the undeniable love (be it toxic at times) between Jude and Tommy.
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