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1/26/2017 c23 et
Continue the story
9/17/2015 c23 william
you should do a mascot chalge
8/24/2014 c9 234everMagic
I love the starkid references
10/5/2013 c23 guy
Remember me? I kinda stopped reading after Justin got eliminated since he's my favorite character but I just got back into reading it.
9/22/2013 c23 NerdyNightStocker
Yeah, I can picture Courtney trying to take charge of a class if the teacher doesn't show up. Good thing the Trap doors halted her lectures! I also loved how she landed right in Chris's lap! So the challenge is also based on the Civil War? Nice! Courtney and Eva are really taking the leadership roles seriously! It looks like Team LT has the advantage since they have a pretty united front and Alejandro is only thinking about capturing the flag and not slaves but we'll see!
9/14/2013 c23 bodense
i say perfect name for chapter 23
9/13/2013 c23 55Torie Rilistkrytcat
Yay, an update! :D
LOL, love it, great chapter :)
and please put more aleheather
7/10/2013 c22 NerdyNightStocker
I love how Courtney got stuck with Blaineley as a partner. It seemed like Heather and Alejandro were missing this challenge... The double elimination was unexpected but I'm hoping that Zoey trumps Bridgette since sabotaging your team always fails. As for the returning contestant, I'm currently rooting for Gwen or Mike but I'll narrow it down in the poll...
7/10/2013 c22 55Torie Rilistkrytcat
Woah... Psycho Zoey...
Love it XD
7/10/2013 c22 8cosmos-calibrator
There's just something funny about reading your own stuff! XD another chapter loved as always! super high 5 for posting!
7/10/2013 c22 JKE84JDBDS
You should bring back Geoff. That way Zoey would get upset that Bridgette got her boyfriend back and not her. Drama!
7/10/2013 c22 Tea-and-Glasses
I really like this story. Im glad you're updating it again. I hope Zoey goes next she's really messed up
7/10/2013 c22 Jayne'z star
YaY update! I really love this fic :D
7/10/2013 c22 25Pepe's Red-Eyed Cousin
Glad Duncan's gone. I voted to bring back Mike. I wanted to bring Gwen back too, but I didn't realise we could vote for Gwen until it was too late, heh-heh.e Anyway, keep up the good work!
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