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4/18/2020 c36 applelam145
I love these two! Thanks for writing this :) can't wait for more of your work
7/24/2017 c36 11Sara60691
this is an entirely amazing story and I wish it were posted on AO3 as well just so I could leave kudos and bookmark it there as well. This is possibly hands-down the BEST story I have read in this fandom.
4/3/2017 c1 KyloRen'sgirl213
Wow wonderful work
2/25/2017 c36 Guest
Please make a story about evil gwen world with alot of details what happened after they went back to their world I'm sure is gonna be owesome
12/27/2016 c36 Chandu
Hey! ur story was too Good and awesome.
Don't stop ur writings and good luck with your stories
10/16/2016 c36 ladygaga
Wow just wow it's amazing
It's gonna be fucking owesome if you make a story about the evil gwen's world and what happened when they went home
I feel like wanting story like this so bad
9/25/2016 c36 sssssssssssssss2
"I, uh… just, whatever happens in the future, it's ok. As long as you're in my future, it's all good, you know?" awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
6/18/2015 c36 Sophie
i love it! i want more gwevin!
3/1/2015 c36 Mr. G0D
So I kind of want to see the other ben Kevin Gwen and Julie world and see how it panned out if it's possible that is hehe. Great story definitely one of my favorites
2/20/2015 c7 Fenris328
i love this story. it seems like alot more legit interaction between teens then most others in this universe.
1/13/2015 c36 Bbody
This has hot to be my fav gwevin fic!
12/26/2014 c8 1BanderCoeurl
Chapters 5-8:
- Your Julie rocks so hard, & is certainly brave to intentionally involve herself in the goings-on of a friend's angry parents...That *alone* proves how capable she is of being a legitimate member of their team. The show sort of dropped the ball with Julie...but if I were her, I'd have kicked Ben's butt (or smacked it with a tennis racket, whichever. xD) by now.

- I could practically *hear* the crashing thuds of Kevin's big heavy boots as he ran up the stairs in a panic. (I know the sound from experience, as my brother thunders up & down stairs like that *every* time).
- Poor Gwen, again. She just can't seem to catch a break with the parents. But it brings forward the interesting conflict Gwen & Ben have to deal with regarding their families (we got a glimpse of Ben's situation in one episode, & how that turned out for him, but they didn't cover anymore of Gwen's). Because we only ever see them (Ben,Gwen, Kevin) working together/fighting/traveling/making their own decisions without consulting their parents, it's easy for us to forget that they *ARE* still *teenagers*, not adults. Superheroes with curfews, & parents getting all riled up over something like lying about being with a member of her team.

- The 'married young to Kevin' dimension - SO sweet... The slightly more 'mature' Kevin who openly adores his wife, very cute. Also adorable that Gwen freaked out as he so casually rummaged through her underwear drawer. I honestly consider them getting married that young a pretty big possibility, actually... Gwen may be totally reasonable & level headed about such things, but they *do* love each other in ways most couples couldn't, given all the life & death situations & emotional trauma (for Kevin) they've already been through in such a short time. Considering their chosen 'careers', they really *could* die anywhere/anytime... That realization could potentially cause Kevin & Gwen to realize that maybe 'waiting' to turn the 'magic age number' (that 'normal' others found to be more appropriate), shouldn't necessarily pertain to them... Deciding they wanted to enjoy their lives together while they can. (So cute when Kevin didn't even seem bothered by the idea of being married at age 19, & could possibly see himself doing so, when he implied it might be the future).
12/26/2014 c4 BanderCoeurl
Okay, I decided to do 3 or 4 chapters at a time, for organization's sake. Chapters 1-4:
- Wow. That horror scene was pretty heart wrenching... It was so horribly vivid that it totally sucked me in. I've always liked the fact that even being the token 'female character in a group of guys', she isn't all weepy & easy to put off her guard... But even when she was, it was obvious how hard she fights to keep her emotions to herself (or at least try to keep those that would show any kind of 'vulnerability' carefully hidden... Perfect Gwen. Heh, & "Whoa, heavy." is SO a Kevin thing to say. Another thing I meant to say in my first comment for the story... It's hilarious...There were more times than I can count where I actually stopped & had a giggle-fit. Even in the negative situations, like when Kevin was thinking to himself about how 'unsexy' depressing alien things are... & may I say... lovely make-out scene. _ Poor Gwen, choosing the wrong lie changed the way her Mother looked at her entirely. SO busted.
12/26/2014 c1 BanderCoeurl
I'm definitely not one to review stories very often, but with this one, I just couldn't help it. This is without a doubt *the* best fanfiction (Ben 10 or otherwise) that I've ever read... It's so incredibly well thought out, very 'realistic' for the characters, & far better than quite a few of the plot-lines used in the *actual* shows. I'm gushing, I know, but it's ridiculously awesome. (I've actually read the whole thing twice now, seriously). I hope it won't seem like 'spam' to review separately for each chapter? (I'd do it all in one, but it'd be more organized to go separate for each one). I did want to ask, have you done any other stories/drabbles/ect for Ben 10 that isn't in your account? I'd *love* to read them, if so. )

You write Gwevin (my OTP) so believably, & write out the dynamic that I've always felt their very different personalities have. It's romantic, but not sappy, & has totally...*hot* sex scenes that never get anywhere *near* the sleazy majority others have. (Likely because you're descriptive without bluntly using certain 'crude' words over & over). Plus you don't make every aspect of their budding romance perfect, things go wrong/get awkward/have to be worked through, which is very realistic for teenagers in love.

You've also made me fall in love with both Julie *&* Charmcaster. (You gave Charmcaster the sort of emotional depth I wish the show had examined & used, especially knowing what direction the show took her in). But I'll cover more in my other reviews. ) Apology in advance for the *load* of comments you're about to get, I hope it's not too annoying. .
12/14/2014 c36 Guest
Awesome. Thanks for writing such a good story, I was hooked! :)
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