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14h c4 Aedwards179
Author really didn't think the timeline through huh. Madara had Minato 5 years after the fight. if Hashirama died that year it would've been 75 years ago he had Minato. dude was only like 20 something when he died. you're missing about 50 years.
11/2 c67 harlen
great ending to madara and all in all good
11/2 c51 Kyuubinokitsune1995
You really used snapes line in here
10/29 c69 szlekane
I had so much fun reading this work and dear author you have my thanks.
10/29 c2 erehisu-otp
Okay but really… the breast
10/29 c10 Kyuubinokitsune1995
Incorrect to gain the mangekyo you have to kill your best friend that’s why Sasuke was trying to kill Naruto
10/29 c10 Kyuubinokitsune1995
Yep it does exist in that movie is called the touch of death
10/20 c34 Good
10/17 c69 nylanna1105
great story... love this ..
10/16 c29 yrlastin
That was really only the "End of a Snakeling" wasn't it?

Great so far!
10/15 c13 yrlastin
Tsunade's lover (naruto's grandfather) should be a Uzumaki, this could happen before meeting Dan.
Afterall people rarely end up with the first person they sleep with.
And accidents does happen!

Otherwise how would Kushina have access to the "Uzumaki Chakra Chains"?

Great so far!
10/15 c5 yrlastin
Shuriken Kage Bunchin is a Konoha technigue! How would a Kumo ninja know it?

Otherwise Good.
10/12 c69 Guest
Best Naruto fanfic ever
10/9 c14 Wonderful Imagination
amazing story.

best naruto fanfic I've read.
10/7 c13 God of Wind 200
technically Uzumaki is still naruto last name since Mito senju maiden name is Uzumaki and she is Tsunade grandmother
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