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6/11/2013 c11 SlytherinQueen020
So when can we expect this new story, because this series is freaking awesome. Also that orgy scene was amazingly hot. Thank you for that. Ciao.
6/1/2013 c11 12sword slasher
the end confused me huh what was gonna hurt and i lost myself trying to understands what you were tlaking about the stories and what are those others stories i lost after the broken blad epart.
6/1/2013 c11 11demonpixie1
Are just.
I can't.
I'm so supremely envious of your ability to bring so many different threads together cohesively, to foreshadow in a very subtle way, to take little things from earlier stories and blow them up into bigger, better, crazier story lines. You are fantastic. I love how there's a linear plot in each story, but also stuff that links them all together, it's like story arcs in a TV show and as you get closer to the finale, shit gets crazier.
And I am so looking forward to the next stories and seeing where this is all going.
6/1/2013 c11 7Shazrolane
Wrapping up one story and leaving me already looking forward to the next.
6/1/2013 c11 16featheredschist
Promises to be interesting. Looking forward to it!
5/30/2013 c10 featheredschist
Goodness, I now have an overwhelming urge to fic the Avengers as characters from Princess Bride, you have no idea. I cackled so loud, all the cats thought I'd lost what remaining marbles I have. And my husband too, til I explained it to him. Hulk in a holocaust cloak is an AMAZING image.

Almost thought this was over, reading about the team going after Fisk, but then I realized it was too 'neat' of a wrap up (and too quick).

Can't wait to find out what they discover running those tests!
5/24/2013 c9 12sword slasher
kinda confusing nearing the end and who the hell is this guy. He is more random then joker or deadpool...okay thats an exageration but still he is ranodm. Bravo on that OOC if it's an ooc but anyway. I can't wait to see the end of this story it seems to be wrapping up.
5/24/2013 c9 16featheredschist
Gah...do not want this one to end, I love the universe so much. BUT, nice movement forward on exposing the villain, or at least the ambiguous character who is in it for funsies.

Hoping you update soon, and put me/us out of your misery!
5/23/2013 c9 11demonpixie1
Oh wow! I love your version of Gabe!
I also loved how you slipped in references to the episodes of SPN that Gabe's in, "Falling safe, dog bite, electrocuted by a razor, bad tacos..." From the "It's always TUESDAY!" Episode, and "Play your roles." From "Changing Channels", which happens to be my favorite episode, so when Gabe said it I squealed super loud.
Great chapter this time too, I love how you resist the urge to give us more information than Clint actually knows, so everything is always a surprise along with him. It's a hell of a ride.
(PS: I'm so hoping for a "hellooooo? Trickster?" *points-at-self moment with Gabe coming up in the future. :))
5/19/2013 c8 16featheredschist
Hm, it's there Clint, you just have to see it.

Excellent chapter, as always.
5/13/2013 c7 featheredschist
That's a hell of a verse there, Cake. Love this one. And of course, it appears to be the one that will be harder to break free of.

Edwardian? Or Victorian? Hell, even the Regency...
5/7/2013 c1 jojosflyingcircus
All of your Clint/Bruce stories are amazing!
4/9/2013 c2 featheredschist
Great googly moogly! I thought this was the wrong damn story at first, then I started picking up the hints, and was like "OOOH" This is what I get for reading while sleepy.

Great update, and I can't wait for the next confusing one! Awesome.
4/5/2013 c1 featheredschist
Just when we thought it was safe to relax! . Looking forward to where this one goes!

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