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for Silhouette of Time (To Be Rewritten)

6/3/2013 c16 Gholam
Another great chapter. Very surprised that you still don't have more reviews though. Also was interesting to see that you took the oilseed entries for size, always thought that they showed most pokemon as being to small but when talking about mutated animals it makes a lot more sense. Anyway great chapter, loving the story so far and please keep it up :)
5/30/2013 c14 Gholam
Really enjoying this story so far, hoping to see plenty more. Keep up the good work :)
4/26/2013 c10 Guest
It's surprising that this hasn't gotten more reviews...
Anyways, I love the overall atmosphere in the story. It's uncommon in this genre, and definitely is welcomed. The only problem I see is that Noelle seems to be doing this a bit too easily. Luck is definitely on his side.
4/26/2013 c2 Guest
4/8/2013 c6 Kyouheiwriter
good so far. better than sun soul. keep it up.
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