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2/1/2022 c10 Guest
Sorry I'm so annoyed this hasn't been updated. I was extremely apprehensive about this story, but to my surprise it was really good. Well done
12/19/2015 c10 BuBbLeS
Love this story. More please! :D
7/10/2014 c10 Mirixichan
I am way too lazy to log in. However I must say that I really enjoyed your story. I can't wait to see what happens with Stark and Yoruichi.
5/5/2014 c10 1flightingphoenix
Ahum firstly, I hope you are doing well it is great to see you back. Now then, that was a great chapter, its wonderful you covered so much. Poor Stark and damn that sexy fiend Aizen!
5/4/2014 c10 DragonSlayer96
Nice chapter, worth the wait:))) Really looking forward to the fight between Yoruichi and Hallibel! Please update soon:3
5/2/2014 c10 it iz wat it iz
OMG so excited that ur back and finally decided to update ur story. It has been so long and I really missed this story. I haven't even read this chapter yet because Im that excited. I had to review as soon as possible hehe. Anyway let me stop talking too much. Happy writing!
8/27/2013 c9 DarkKnight96
Oh, wonder what is the scene that Yoruichi witnessed. So that is what the Hougyoku did to Aizen and Yoruichi, connecting their emotions. Great chapter as usual:)
8/25/2013 c9 it iz wat it iz
oh yeah, great chapter...update whenever u can! I'll be waiting for it!
8/25/2013 c9 8Nessie Kiku
Great chapter! Can't wait 4 the next one!
8/25/2013 c9 1RAMI MALEKS TYPE
This is so awesome! So much stuff is going on, I'm already pumped and excited for the next chapter!
I've got the feeling we're gonna have some insight between both Las Noches and SS. Also can't wait to see everyone's reaction to Kisuke's odd encounter, if he even tells 'everyone'. Oh! Which makes me wonder, is it gonna be like the arrancar arc "Orihime Rescue" thing, but more like an investigation? Eh.
My absolute favorite part out of my top three was Youruichi's short adventure to Karakura Town. I love how she marveled at the rain like and infant to a light up toy (kinda how I saw it). Great!
And I really didn't expect the whole thing with Stark's betrayal (can I call it that?). Truthfully I wanted to know what happened. Was Stark and this person cuddling? Where the kissing? Where they having sex? Did that voice belong to a man or a woman (though I highly doubt that is was a man)? I wanna know what happens in the next chapter! And how long Yoruichi will be gone? Hope Lilynette doesn't suffer either.
Grimmjow's lucky he's able to walk! My god. I can't wait to see what that Aizen has brewing for the next chapter. That sly devil, I was wondering when that hogyōku bissiness was gonna come into play in the story.

Update whenever you find time. ;)
8/25/2013 c9 DragonSlayer96
OH, this is getting so interesting! Kisume saw Yoruichi. What is going to happen, I'm so curious! So did the hogyoku link Yoruichi's emotions to Aizen? And I hope that Starkk and Yoruichi would make up soon! Anyway great chapter, please update soon.
8/2/2013 c8 it iz wat it iz
Awwwww...poor the scene between Yoruichi and Ulquiorra was epic(still hate icigo for killing ) Anyways back to the review cant wait to see what Aizens says.. update please!
8/1/2013 c8 RAMI MALEKS TYPE
Awesome! Wo, I feel really bad for Kisuke :(. But I do guess since he did witness his best friends death fist hand and had spent most of his days in the human world right at her side that he would hurt the most. Besides Ukitake of course (was the one who wanted to marry her).

God, I can't express how much I loved the scene where Yoruichi teased Ulquiorra! Eeewwww I love it so much! Oh, and I can only imagine Aizen's face if Grimmjow actually asks him when his turn with Yoruichi will come. Ops, cracked a smile just thinkin' about it!

I wonder about Starrk and Lilynette. Not for a real reason- well, yeah I'm just worried.

This was excellent, I loved it! C:
8/1/2013 c8 DarkKnight96
The way everyone is coping with Yoruichi's death is heartbreaking! After reading, I wonder what will happen when they meet Yoruichi on their enemy's side, mixed emotions... Oh now I can see how torn Yoruichi will be, choosing between her most important people. I like your humor scene with Ulquiorra too.
8/1/2013 c8 DragonSlayer96
OMG, it's so sad! I'm on the verge of tears right now. You really did a good job in describing the Shinigami's emotions. I especially like Kisuke and Byakuya's parts, and I think it's great to add the relationship between Yoruichi and Ukitake, this explained Yoruichi's memory about him right? Stark and lilynette's flashback and feelings for Yoruichi is so emotional the humorous side, Ulquiorra really got stuck in an embarassing situations there. With Grimmjow being the witness, never thought of that:) I wonder why Grimmjow showed up, was he drawn by Yoruichi's spiritual pressure? Anyway great chapter. I'm looking forward to more.
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