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12/9/2021 c1 machadoricardojoseleiva
Ahsoka Thano e TwinLeak, os Thogruta são como os humanos fisicamente, apenas com pele azul escura.
4/19/2016 c4 3The Mexican Taco Overlord
I would guess that this is as dead as my love life?
5/24/2015 c4 3StrawBoom
I like it.
2/12/2015 c4 7Pinoy Gamer
Nice story man! I was actually going to put something like this in one of my stories but looks like you've beaten me to it. Dang!
1/15/2015 c4 ForgottenPrince
Good story, looking forward to the next chapter.

Regards Prince
1/8/2015 c4 3truefortune
This is an awesome fic crossover of HaloxStar Wars. It is hard to find a Ahsoka related fanfic of this type of archive.
12/15/2014 c4 BigWilly526
really interesting and promising storyline, I hope you continue it
12/13/2014 c2 15weasel AKA boundedsumo
the forrunners were Humanities enemies during the Flood war if you payed attention to the story. the Diadact is actually a soldier like the Chief and after he is freed is continuing the mission that imprisoned him in the first place, the digitizing of the rest of humanity. And the soldiers you fight are actually digitized ancient human's and did you know the light weapons are human weapons. the Diadact is also wearing the Mantle of responsibility, which he took when he led the Forrunners against the Humans before they found out that the humans were running away from the flood.
And the thing at the end with Cortana isn't bullshit either, she was in the ship at the time and used the energy of the floor to project herself in a semi-solid form to distract the Diadact. And how Chief survived the resulting explosion is that Cortana used the ships ability to Digitize him into the Data center and threw him out before it was destroyed.

just think about it and listen to the story instead of just playing it and you'll learn a lot about the story
12/10/2014 c4 5Regin
i like, i lust, i love!please update soon!
12/10/2014 c4 Guest
12/9/2014 c4 UH-60
Dude I am loving this story, I just hope you update more often with chapters with more meat on their bones.

I love the concept and i hope to see more soon.

UH-60 Nightstalker
12/8/2014 c4 3Agent-007.1
Ehh... not to bad. You could be a little more descriptive. And please don't tell me you're going make the UNSC exponentially more powerful then the Republic and Separatists combined and crap like that.
12/8/2014 c4 Guest
Please update soon!
12/7/2014 c3 Slayer 10321
BY THE MANTLE AND ALL THAT IT ENTAILS...you UNDERPOWERED this version of the UNSC by a massive margin/amount! There are too many ship types that are obsolete and/or redundant such as the Stridents/Marathons and the Battleship-class. You should cut down on the excess. This Humanity with Covenant, Forerunner, possible recovered Ancient Human and Modern Human technology should be using tech from Andrithirs 'Lost Legacy', UH-60 NIGHTSTALKER's 'Terran-Republic Affair' and 'Andromeda War', Sempiternal Ether's 'Inheritors of the Mantle', Arashi the Solar Phoenix/s 'Mass Effect: The New Journey', Drake S. Hellion's 'In Infinitum: First Contact', etc stories for their tech base/tier. Essentially the UNSC should be already be a Tier 1 civilization while the Republic and later Empire would only be a Tier 2 civilization. Buuuuttttttttttttt...other than the lopsided tech base and numbers, I LOVE your story! It's a nice breath of fresh air where the UNSC actually try to be stealthy and not just announce themselves to the Galaxy immediately. I love how they are being the chess masters setting themselves up behind the scenes so that when they are finally revealed, they have already won the potential war before it is even started or realized by the Republic/Empire! You good sir/madam have my favorite and follow! Keep up the good work! Also could you have the UNSC create the OSA or OSU (Orion Systems Alliance or Union) with the Sanghelli and essentially create their own version of the Republic just possibly better and gain new member species? It would be cool if you created a new version of ONI ('ORION' Naval Intelliegence?) and create the armed forces branch of the OSA(OSU?) as the URSC(United Races Space Command). More comments will be incoming so stay tuned!
12/7/2014 c4 FlashDevil
Nice work, especially the part where you included 479er, does that mean RvB is going to be in it or is it just a little cameo?
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