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6/24/2013 c11 4I Wear the Crown
HG, ever the noble soul. Myka, however, just wants to jump her. I say, let Myka have her wicked way with her!
6/24/2013 c11 25Dragonling743
Wonderful, I'm eager to see where they end up, and how they adjust. This will be awesome, seeing how they handle two people out of their own time.

Two spelling mistakes, "waw Helena" and unmistakably, the 'y' should be an 'e'. sorry, I just noticed them.

I do wonder how far they will go in either direction, though my gut says forward.
6/24/2013 c11 Guest
Moooore mooooore!
6/24/2013 c11 30john6lisa
thank you the chapter,cant wait to see "if it works :)
6/5/2013 c10 25Dragonling743
This is magnificent
5/30/2013 c10 Guest
Ahhhh! Are they time traveling to the future? ;)
6/1/2013 c10 29QuimbyCub
Gah! You tease! Please, more, soon! Love this!
5/31/2013 c10 Meilia
Wonderful chapter hun! As always, can't wait for the next one! 8D
5/30/2013 c10 MiDushiNoSushi
Interesting.. I wonder what their out will be? Running away? Using an artifact? It's a shame about Claudia.. what would her options be if she was no longer Myka's handmaiden?
5/30/2013 c10 4I Wear the Crown
Good chapter :). Exams are more important. The readers you really want are the ones that will stick around. Good luck as you finish the year out :D
5/30/2013 c10 strongwoman341
Nice job! I'm so glad I stayed up to continue reading and I'm eager for a happy ending, both in your story and on the actual show.
5/30/2013 c4 strongwoman341
I've been busy and haven't been about to keep up with your updates. I was going to comment once I was fully caught up, but I just had to tell you how much I LOVE the way you portray their first kiss!

It's late and I should go to bed now but I HAVE to read on. :-)
5/30/2013 c10 30john6lisa
ohhh,thank you for the update
5/30/2013 c10 3bluellaby
Interesting... Now I wonder about the machine. : )
Too bad they have to leave Claudia behind, but she'll be ok, she's a tough girl.
5/20/2013 c9 30john6lisa
now she tells her!
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