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11/21/2020 c23 oncerbbylnprrll
I couldnt find A drop in the ocean
9/1/2020 c23 desperataeny
WOM Hermione WOW... Well that’s a mind blowing again~ this magnificent story is rocking my world and won’t stop surprises me hahahaha. Hermione now full mystery and literary the big boss. I’m so glad and grateful that Bella is alive and Andromeda’s child too. Now I gotta jump to the next sequel again! See you there haha

Thank you for writing this awesome, adorable, sweet, cute, romantic, dark, badass, cool, amazing, brilliant, beautiful and wonderful Bellamione masterpiece! <333
9/1/2020 c22 desperataeny
No wonder the real Mia said don’t trust Dumbledore faq everyone are just messed up here, they using people for their ow granted YIKES
9/1/2020 c22 desperataeny
Damn so again in the end it’s because misunderstanding and secrets that she’s became cold and dark. Hope both Bellamione can fix their problem and relationship my god so complicated lol
9/1/2020 c21 desperataeny
That’s intense my goshhhhh
9/1/2020 c20 desperataeny
Damn must be so complicated for Mione because all the situation and again Wesley related tsk
9/1/2020 c19 desperataeny
Complicated babies and so much mystery from Hermione according her Bella and Andy haha
9/1/2020 c18 desperataeny
Bellamione making love made my day! Yes Hermione believe in yourself!
8/31/2020 c15 desperataeny
Bellamione melted me <333

Oh no Voldemort
8/31/2020 c14 desperataeny
Hahahaha I really like Hermione and Andromeda friendship here. Lol jealous Bella always amused me and adorable
8/31/2020 c11 desperataeny
Those four girls won’t stop amused and amaze me hahahaha
8/31/2020 c10 desperataeny
Whoootttttt that’s unexpected lol. Well well they both meant to be for each others no matter what
8/31/2020 c9 desperataeny
Hermione knew. Lol Narcissa is indeed Narcissa. Andy is sweet~ my babies Bellamione being adorable UwU
8/31/2020 c8 desperataeny
Secret relationship is hot UwU
8/31/2020 c7 desperataeny
Awww my babies Bellamione is so cute. Lol that Bella and Andy moment tho mwahahahaha
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