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1/11/2014 c3 Babysis64
oh my goodness what kind of step dad is Phil to me he was and is pure evil mean, glad that her brother and her got away from Phil and Renee. Wow Phil should be taught a lesson on how to treat kids huh, they aren't hitting bags they are to be loved and nurished so they can grow into strong young adults right. Not to be abused.
1/11/2014 c1 Babysis64
this was a different kind of first chapter, I wonder what had happened to Bella for her to keep blacking out. I hope nothing serious has happened to her right.
6/21/2013 c4 Kimmie.Kitten1
Great story so far I can hardly wait for the next chapter. As far as pairings go I would suggest either Peter or Jasper with them only because I think a lot of interesting things can happen with either of those trios
6/19/2013 c4 26Iridescent Thilbo Bagginshield
I'm happy that Luca is back, and that the man saved Bella. There would be no story to tell otherwise. Good chapter, keep up the good work. Update soon!
5/18/2013 c3 Iridescent Thilbo Bagginshield
Poor Luca! Someone should have ran Phil over, instead of him!
5/18/2013 c3 Kilataia
Well it would certanly be interesting to read i Bella/carlile/other novel :). It would be interesting to see The dynamic between them.
5/4/2013 c2 6AppealingToHeaven
What's going to happen!? Update please.
4/30/2013 c2 1GracefulDemon
Could she possibly have imagined the story in the books and been in a madhouse all this time? Because that's the image I'm getting.
4/29/2013 c2 12ALWAYS-B-HAPPY
C/b only plez
4/25/2013 c2 26Iridescent Thilbo Bagginshield
So, what happens now?
4/25/2013 c2 dolhpin33
Can't wait to read more, please update again soon.
4/25/2013 c2 fallunder
4/25/2013 c2 Babysis64
what had happened to Bella i have read both chapters trying to figure out what happened to her so far is i get that she is numb and don't want to be there no more. It also sounds like she is in the hospital or some where else. I guess you wrote it like that so we can keep reading. So she feels all alone.
4/25/2013 c2 34Remnant Stars
I definitely want to see Bella/Carlisle in this story. Another interesting chapter. Hmmm...wonder what's going on? Hopefully there will be another update soon so we can find out.
4/25/2013 c1 Remnant Stars
An awesome beginning and ending the chapter with a cliffhanger? Lol, way to get me hooked. Looking forward to an update!
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