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for Fierce and Disquieting

11/9/2017 c1 8Golden Bearded Dragon
Oh, this is brilliant! I never thought that I would find something like this. Man, I had just yesterday thought of and wrote a small bit of an idea for a crossover like this. And my sister had said that Javert would be best as a Jedi, as he's rather possessed with desire for justice and he's completely un-empathetic.

I honestly hope, if I ever do finish and post my own story, that you don't think I stole the idea from you. There's a lot of difference that I have already, but seriously, I came up with them in my own and will try to make sure it doesn't coincide with this wonderful story. :)
4/19/2014 c1 14Emari-chan
This... is way more amusing than it should be. o.O
6/23/2013 c1 8GraciaJavert
Being a huge fan of both Star Wars and Les Mis, your story delighted me to no end! I loved Jedi!Javert; he was very believable. I also appreciated your fusion of the "death sticks" scene in AOTC and the Montparnasse/ Valjean conversation in the novel . This was a fun read - great job!

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